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These money lending apps are helping millennials cash in their future!

New Delhi: It is a well-known fact that the millennial group has integrated technology into their daily routine. The tech-savvy generation resort to online or tech platforms for anything and everything.

Whether a preference for technological automation or the desire to educate themselves their first action is not to call an agent or ask their parents, they are more likely to search it online first, to narrow the knowledge gap.
This holds true for everything including financial planning. And as opposed to their predecessors, today's generation is more interested in short-term planning due to instant gratification it provides.

And if you are anything like them and making enough money through a steady job, it is most likely that you are supporting a family member while also taking care of your cost of living and indulgences.

So, here some money lending apps to offer instant short terms loans:


Launched in June 2016, Rupeeland is technology enabled digital lending platform that specialises in providing instant short-term credit to consumers and businesses. The first-of-its-kind in the country, it endeavor's to introduce the concept of the short-term emergency loan with quick loan disbursal within 2 hours of application.
Apart from using traditional metrics to gauge a loan seeker's credit worthiness, the company employs algorithms that assess an applicant's credit-worthiness by tracking their mobile data usage and social metrics.


An instant salary advance application, this App covers emergency needs of Indians before they get paid. It aims to aid all the individuals who face mid-month crisis by providing short-term line of credit loans until they receive their salaries.


A fin-tech product, it is a unique app that serves young professionals. In a smart digital world, CASHe offers millennials quick and easy personal loans through processes that are transparent, innovative and tuned to the times. CASHe utilizes sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities to deliver an amazing and improved lending experience to our customers, thereby helping young professionals achieve their financial goals effortlessly.


With the Avail app, you can get money for all your financial needs easily. Never run low on money ever again! Avail makes it easy for you to get a loan if you ever need some cash. All that you have to do is fill out the online application and upload a few documents. After that you can just sit back and relax and we transfer the money into your account directly once your application is approved!


An online lending FinTech platform, QuickCredit provides borrowers instant, flexible, cash loans without needing any hectic paperwork and security. They evaluate based on one's Personal - Professional Credibility and Social Credibility. (ANI)

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