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PowerSportz Declares Best Sport of the Year 2018, creates a flutter, opinions vary!

Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-chief, says, it's neither her opinion nor any emotion.!

'Talking Turkey' is the 'outspoken and courageous' program on Power Sportz, ( India's first sports news channel. There is no doubt that several sports were in contention for the top spot for the year 2018 - and Kanthi, The Editor-in-Chief, held a discussion on this topic on 26 October, with Harpreet Kaur Lamba, Sports Journalist and Smit Singh, Skeet Shooter and a member of the Indian Shooting Contingent.
Since the program was aired, and a winner announced, there seems to be a lot of opinions and edginess among various sporting federations, and everyone seems eager to know how Kanthi and PowerSportz were able to conclusively decide the winner. One wonders whether these doubts and consternation seem rather misplaced since sporting events are meant to cut across barriers and foster feelings of healthy competition. At least, that was the spirit PowerSportz and Kanthi was promoting on her program, 'Talking Turkey', a weekly show aired live every Friday at 8 pm.
The question however, is there and it focuses on how Kanthi reached the conclusion that Shooting is the number one sport for 2018, and not the hot favorites such as wrestling or athletics or what some people believed a forgone conclusion.Badminton!!!?The basis for the conclusion has to do with taking the overall performance of a particular sport at The Commonwealth Games, Asian games, Youth Olympics and World Championships. Performance means the overall gold medal tally that a particular sport was able to win at the sporting events in relation to the actual number of gold medals at stake in that particular event. By taking the weighted average performance in to consideration, it balanced all the sports on an equal footing as some sports has more events to participate in, like wrestling as against Badminton, which has lesser events at stake. Kanthi has always paid close attention to all the details and statistics, put in hours of research, and only when she is sure, does she put together a program - and the same is true for this particular 'declaration'.
The current year, has been extremely exciting and momentous for sports given all the sporting events, and India has performed outstandingly in four of the many sporting events. With all sports doing well, it was obvious though, that there would be only one winner amongst the top four sports vying for the top position - Shooting, Wrestling, Badminton, and Athletics. The show had Kanthi discussing the subject with Harpreet and Smit, who too seemed eager to know which sport, had taken top honors. During the discussion, the charts and analysis clearly showed that one sport was leading the roost - turned out to be shooting. The honor to shooting is attributed to the consistency that there has been in the way the team is training and focusing on winning.

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