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Sony Music releases Akasa's electric new & original single 'Thug Ranjha'

Mumbai: Akasa, who has been in the news for her pop single, today along with her label Sony Music released her original pop single 'Thug Ranjha'.

Akasa, "Collaborating with such a talented team at Sony Music made it extremely fun to work on a song from the scratch. I could have not done it without them. I can't wait to know the audience response, fingers crossed!"

Rohan Jha

Adds on Rohan Jha, Head Pop, Sony Music India, "We released the audio a day in advance and the response has been phenomenal. The groove and the melody is extremely easy on the ears along with a pop video that makes it fun to watch with your friends. We also have a robust marketing and promotional plan and we are confident that the song will take Akasa to newer heights. "

Written and composed by Vayu and co-composed by Akasa, the song has a swoony groove yet boisterous and talk about boys who think the world revolves around them.

The song video is about Akasa in the lead and describes her past love and how she moves on leaving Thug Ranjha's like her ex to fend for themselves and not take women for granted. The last bit of the video has a surprise element that features Bollywood actor Paresh Pahuja, who actually comes across as a sweet and chivalrous boy and the video ends in ambiguity.

Popularly known for her hit single Kheech Meri Photo that became a selfie anthem for the youth, Akasa has been applauded by the music industry for her unique voice. Thug Ranjha will be another song that fans will remember her by for a long time.

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