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Sachin Tendulkar Reveals What Made Him Sledge Glenn McGrath

Was it all planned?

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket and there's no one doubting that. Perhaps it's kind of a poetic justice that the God compares playing cricket to visiting a temple as he revealed in his biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams.

Over the years the god of cricket has been subject to a lot of sledging and it kind of makes sense as the bowlers cannot do anything to get him out. Bouncers, yorkers and what not and Sachin used to play them with the surgical precision he always had, not being one bit rattled by the mind games opposition used to play on him. But sometimes in life and certainly in cricket, tides turn. Sachin who has been on the end of many jibes was the one sledging the opposition! And who was the unfortunate bowler? He was none another than the Aussie legend Glenn McGrath.

Yes! Sachin Tendulkar once sledged Glenn McGrath in the ICC Champions Trophy. Want to know more? Scroll down

To put it into simple words, Sachin Tendulkar is that one person who hates sledging. Sledging to him is something similar to committing a cardinal sin. For a man who exudes grace, honor, and elegance, it's impossible to even comprehend that he of all people would've sledged someone on a cricket field, let alone an Aussie who are self-proclaimed masters at that. But do you know he once actually sledged a legendary Aussie?

It all unfolded in ICC Champions Trophy 2000 - which was known as ICC Knockout back then. In a Knockout Quarter Final match between India and Australia, Sachin Tendulkar was desperate to disrupt the rhythm of the Australian bowling kingpin Glenn McGrath. That's when he resorted to sledging.

"I have never sledged per se merely for the sake of sledging. I did that only once as a part of team strategy. This was at the Kenya Champions Trophy. We were playing Australia" Sachin reveals in the book written on him, SACH by Gautam Bhattacharya.

We still can't believe these were Sachin's words.

"The match was played under overcast conditions. The wicket was also very damp. I had told Sourav before that I would do something to upset McGrath's rhythm. So, in the very first over, I stepped out to him. The first thing I said to him was: Today I will hit you out of the ground. He got really angry and started spraying the ball around. This was exactly what we wanted. As on that surface, he may have been very dangerous." He explains.

"We did win that match ultimately and I felt very happy. My sledging did work for the team. My own experience of sledging came very early on my first tour to Australia. I remember having blocked a delivery and the ball landed near my foot. I tried picking it up when Allan Border shouted from gully. Don't touch the ball. So I stopped immediately." He recalls.

Share Warne once said that with Sachin Tendulkar it's better to be friends than to wind him up. A valuable advice, something which was imminent from his first ever International, Qadir unknown to the talents Sachin possesses, came up to him and winded him up "Bachhon ko kyu maar rahe ho? Hume bhi maar ke dikhao" (Why are you hitting kids? Try and hit me as well.)

And he did it! When the over ended, the summary looked like (6, 0, 4, 6, 6, 6)

Qadir later conceded "It wasn't like I was just feeding him: I was trying my best to get him out, but he was just so talented that he gave me no chance."

India and Pakistan's rivalry has been feisty, to say the least. Moin Khan decided to turn the notch up to 11 when he came to know Sachin would be bowling. Sachin reveals that Moin Khan said to him "Aaj toh main tujhe chakka maroonga" (I am going to hit you for a six today.) Sachin replied "Chalo maar ke dikhao" (Go ahead, show me you can hit a six).

And on the very last ball of the day, Sachin bowled a Googly and it hit the leg stump, making Moin Khan eat his words.

In 1992 an 18-year-old Sachin Tendulkar blasted the Aussies at Sydney Cricket Ground for an unbeaten 148 runs. Upon hitting the Aussie bowler Craig McDermott for a four, the bowler shouted "(expletive) come to Perth, I will see you there."

And come to Perth Sachin did, Perth was the fastest pitch in world cricket at that time but calmly Sachin scored 114 runs not before hitting McDermott for a huge six. Revenge is a dish, best served cold for the master blaster.

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