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Coronavirus Cases in India Reached 873

Coronavirus Cases in India

Corona spread is raging in the country. The virus is spreading rapidly. In the last 24 hours, 149 cases were registered. A total of 873 cases have been registered. One hundred coronavirus cases are likely to increase in India in the next 24 hours. So far, 19 people have died with a corona in our country.

A total of 79 victims were recovered. Another 775 people are currently receiving treatment. Telangana state is also suffering from the corona. Reportedly, There have been 59 cases. Corona is spreading rapidly in Maharashtra. Already 177 people have been tested positive. There were 165 cases in Kerala, 55 in Karnataka, 46 in Rajasthan, 44 in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

State Governments are taking steps to supply the necessities of the country. Special passes for trucks are being issued in Delhi and Telangana. In West Bengal, ID cards and special uniforms are allowed.

Worldwide, 6 Lakh people have been infected with the virus. 27 thousand people died. Recently, US has taken over China and Italy in corona cases. The USA has 1 lakh people who have been suffering from the corona.

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