Jammu & Kashmir Unrest

Jammu & Kashmir Unrest

    Union Home Minister Amit Shah had informed the nation through his speech in Parliament that the government will be abrogating Article 370, which granted special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Along with the scrapping of Article 370, he also announced that the state would be split into two Union Territories, effectively making Ladakh separate from Kashmir. 

    While the has mostly been hailed, there has been some opposition to the decision. However, the Prime Minister, in a 40 minute address to the nation, explained the rationale behind the government’s decision. He stated that the move is set to benefit the J&K population. Schemes that exist on paper, can now be effectively implemented for people on the ground, he said.

    PM Modi also assured the people of Kashmir that the situation will soon return to normal, after which the state will stop being ruled by the centre and J&K would get back its statehood. “I’m giving you an assurance that you’ll get the opportunity to elect your representatives in a transparent way,” PM Modi said, adding that the MLAs will be from among the local population. He also appealed to the youth of J&K as well as Ladakh to focus on the development of the regions. 

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