Tuesday, 06 Mar, 4.38 am Aaj Ki Khabar

now gst would be charged on whatsapp for good morning messages

is written in the news cutting Newspaper am message viral with fast cutting fast paper on social media if you early in the morning you send good morning message to members friends Ristedaro and learn to go to Tho Sartk new financial year it would impose tax on government April coming being too harsh on your pocket which will be sent to Good morning messages as Good morning Tax The recovery of GST charge will be on the lines

according sail chief secretary article Mobile Communications Ministry said -akbar, you whatever good morning message send (Whatsapp) Messenger their account will have been fixed 18% GST on such messages will be generated bill at the end of the month and mobile bill with must pay it! Mobile operators have been recovered from Users Good Morning tax monthly mobile operators are also pleased to have this decision military Ravse the government, because it would be their gain! Gartlb stopped to SMS the people freeloader affair after Whatsapp to which service provider company earned extremely went down!According to the newspaper the government to save the country notoriety military has turned this way the tax! The government hopes the tax on those Good Morning message work send and will improve Internet speeds in the morning! If this move improved not even certain government Good Morning Message bring filed the Good Morning tax to those who receive currently does not confirm the news today.

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