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OMG! India is considered as the rape capital of the world

Crime is prevalent in every country but to how much extent is the matter of the fact. From rape to murder and extortion to theft, crime has many faces. Although every crime is bringing a bad name to a country but as far as the heinous crime is concerned, it is rape. It is considered to be the most awful and disgusting act by cowardly people.

After the horrific Nirbhaya rape case of 2012 where a 23-year-old student was brutally raped and murdered aboard a bus in Delhi, there was massive public outcry. The incident shocked not only the people of India, but people across the globe. As citizens of Delhi took to the streets to protest the incident and claim justice for the victim, global media outlets blasted headlines, claiming India was the "Rape capital of the world."

According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), crimes against women have increased by 7.5% since 2010. The number of reported rapes in India, a country of over 1.2 billion people, has gone up to 33,707 in 2013 from 24,923 in 2012. The majority of rape victims are between 18 years and 30 years. About one out of three victims is below 18, and one in ten rape victims is under 14. In India, a woman is being raped after every 20 minutes.

Ironically UNITED KINGDOM, and many Western countries who thinks INDIA is a rapist country, have much much higher RAPE rate than INDIA.

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