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This temple worships bleeding goddess, prohibits women having periods!

Menstruation is always associated with different myths and taboos. Menstruation is something women has to suffer in silence. Women not only face physical torture during periods but also mental torture as society denies to accept them. Periods make women go through hell. Coming to the point, there is a bleeding goddess Kamakhya Devi's temple in Guwahati,Assam where goddess bleeds itself but ironically bleeding women are not allowed in temple to worship.

One of the many places of pilgrimage in India, what makes Kamakhya Devi different is that it has no sculpture to worship, only Kamakhya's yoni or vagina.

Temple where bleeding goddess is a bliss but bleeding women are restricted:

The temple is one of the 51 shakti peeths. When Sati's father Daksha insulted Lord Shiva, Sati didn't bear this and committed suicide. Placing Sati's dead body on shoulder, Lord Shiva did Taandva- dance of destruction. In order to calm him down, Lord Vishnu, cut the body with his chakra and parts fell at different 108 places - all of which later came to be known as shakti peeths. It is said that Sati's womb was falled at Kamkhaya's temple.

People consider it to be one of the auspicious places in the country. See the tragedy, that we live in a nation where goddess blood is considered as sacred but bleeding women is a curse. People should understand that even goddess bleeds so it not a curse but a blessing for women.

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