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Golden temple - Gujarat Legislative Assembly passed a bill to create Ambaji Authority, Why Hindu temple run by government ?

Gandhinagar, 24 September 2020

The Gujarat state government has made plans for the development of holy pilgrimages in the state. Ambaji Yatradham Tourism Authority will be set up to provide facilities to devotees by developing Yatradham Ambaji.

The Ambaji Area Development and Yatradham Tourism Regulation Bill was approved in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly on 23 September 2020 in Ambaji Yatradham. The amount donated to Ambaji Temple Trust will not be given to the proposed authority. The main reasons for bringing the bill are the plans of Ambaji Temple, Gabbar, Kumbharia, Koteshwar and the surrounding area, which will provide basic amenities.

Who in 11 members

The members of the Ambaji Yatradham Tourism Authority will be appointed by the state government. President, Vice-Collector, Secretary, Yatradham Development Board, Joint-Deputy Secretary, Tourism Department, Superintendent of Police, District. Banaskantha, two officials of the state government, will be appointed by the government, town planner, district. Banaskantha, Province Officer, Ta. Danta, Distt. Banaskantha: Two non-government members appointed by the government with experience in Yatradham Tourism Scheme, Chairman, Danta Taluka Panchayat, Member Secretary, who will be the Chief Executive Officer of Yatradham Tourism Authority - Administrator and Deputy Collector, Ambaji Trust.

What will work?

Land management, acquisition etc. will have to be done. The law provides for the formulation, approval and implementation of development plans and town planning plans, permitting development and controlling unauthorized construction, registration and regulation of tourism-related businesses, the appointment and licensing of guides for pilgrims.

Yatradham Tourism Development Zone can be declared a notified area. Like the Gujarat municipality, all rights including tax collection and civic amenities have been delegated to the authorities by the municipality. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said this.

Ambaji fair was closed for the first time in the 300-year history of the temple by Poonam, but the temple was reopened on September 3, 2020 by BJP state president Chandrakant Patil. Later, a new law, Ambaji Area Development and Yatradham Tourism Regulation Bill has been enacted.

One of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Hindu

Gujarat's only famous pilgrimage site in India is located in Danta taluka of Banaskantha district, on the hills of the Arasur mountain, north of the famous Vedic virgin Saraswati river, near Abu Road, on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. Ambaji Mata Temple is the backbone of India. It is about 65 km from Palanpur, 45 km from Mount Abu and 20 km from Abu Road and 185 km from Ahmedabad. is.

Corruption charges

Allegations of corruption have been leveled against government administrators. The government that is running in Gujarat is demanding that 400 temples be built and handed over to an organization of Hindus including this temple. There was a need to enact the Ambaji Area Development and Yatradham Tourism Regulation Bill.

The Holy Yatra Dham Development Board consists of 8 holy places and 358 religious places. All Hindu temples are running the government, they have been demanding to form Hindu trusts in Gujarat for 25 years. However, the government is not doing anything for the Hindus.

The 8 holy places are Somnath, Dwarka, Girnar, Palitana, Ambaji, Dakor, Pavagadh and Shamlaji. In all these places, complaints of corruption are before the government, yet no action has been taken. Donations worth crores of rupees are received here every year. Which is often demanded to be kept for the good use of the poor.

Administration handled the government

Ambaji temple was operated by Danta State family. There was a dispute between the Danta state and the government over the administration of the temple which was merged with the state of Gujarat. The country's highest court entrusted the responsibility to the government. The Collector of Banaskantha was appointed as the Chairman of the Trust. When the Deputy Collector was appointed as the Administrator.

The temple committee was formed and a management committee was formed. Currently, instead of experts, district officers are members of the committee. The trust of all Hindu temples is not being entrusted to a Hindu trust by creating a Hindu state trust.

What is corruption?

Fake receipt

On May 23, 2013, it was revealed that Ambaji Devasthan Trust was giving fake gifts. A complaint was lodged at the police station on May 18 by Hasmukhbhai Vyas, an employee of the temple. Two temple inspectors at Ambaji Devasthan Trust have been authorized to accept gifts. While the gift centers are functioning in the temple itself. Apart from this, State Bank and HDFC The bank also accepts online gifts. Nothing happened about the receipt.

Gift to BJP

Millions of rupees are spent on welcoming the BJP national presidents, BJP chief ministers, BJP government officials and senior officials to the Ambaji temple, who are in power in the name of Hindutva and religious to satisfy their lust for power Trying to maintain the vote bank from festivals and Navratri holidays.

In two years 2017-18, tea, snacks, food, gifts worth Rs 7.40 lakh were spent by Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust. The donation money has been used by BJP leaders. BJP leaders were presented with pictures of Mataji, Panchadhatu coins, calendars, Sriyantras and Rs 4.34 lakh for tea, snacks, food and accommodation. 3.05 lakh rupees were borrowed.

This has been done for years. After this criticism of the Congress, the BJP will now spend on officially appointed trusts. Ambaji Area Development and Yatradham Tourism Regulation Bill has been brought after the Congress' commentary.

19 priests complain against corruption

On August 10, 2016, a representation was made to the Banaskantha District Collector by 19 priests against Dharmakadari Bhairambhai Joshi, offering various deities to the Ambaji Ekanki Shakti Peeth alleging grave misconduct in several administrative matters, including the offer of Rajbhog.

During the three years of administration, the offerings of Rajbhog to the mother along with many even rituals were of poor quality and serious. In which inadequate and rotten Pujapo meet in administration, irregularity in presence of priests, failure to deliver Rajbhog on time, full money was given to contractors despite insufficient Rajbhoj offerings, priests were made clerks, Dharmadhikari gave jobs to Malati, Rajbhog given to the temple. Not enough material is available.

The scandal was suppressed by paying a large sum of money to a mediaman who went to expose the Bishop's poll. 1.25 crore packets of prasad are produced every year. The prasad is given from the prasad center after writing the gifts at the gift centers of the temple. Due to which the temple has an income of Rs 1.25 crore. There has been widespread corruption in the organization of CCTV.

Complaint Against Contractor

The business of Yatradham Ambaji Devasthan Trust is run on a private contractor basis. Employees are also hired on a contract basis. In which 22 notices were issued to an agency for violating the rules. Officers were ready to reestablish the agency. Behind the scenes agencies have been getting the support of the BJP leader.

41 employees complained that labor laws were not being enforced. 12 contractors participated. Are paid less. The amount of donations is calculated from the temporary employees received from the contract. All work is done by contractors like Clerk, Supervisor, Lightman which is dangerous.

Inferior marble

The new marble has been laid by Mehsana's Sri Satyam Construction Company at a low cost of 21 percent in Chahar Chowk of Ambaji Temple in 2018. Some of the marble in Chachar Chowk was burnt three years ago when a huge incense stick was lit. Therefore, the government had approved the laying of new marble at Mandir Chowk at a cost of Rs 3.38 crore. In which cracks had taken place.

Treasury in treasury

Rs 1.27 lakh was recovered from a room near Bhandara counting hall. Locals had announced on May 21, 2016 that Collectorate Banaskantha would commit suicide if Ambaji Bhandara did not conduct a fair investigation into the theft. There has been no investigation of how long such theft has been going on.

At the time of the donation count, one or all of the people involved were involved in embezzling large sums of money. The police complaint was not filed despite the money scam surfacing. His involvement in the scam was alleged when the administrator deposited the money in the treasury to destroy the evidence.

What is the glory of maa amba

Realizing that Lord Shankar was not invited to the plan of the yagna performed by Prajapati Daksha, Sati Parvati fell into the Yagna Kunda and sacrificed her life. But scattered at intervals. In the book Ant Tantra Chudamani 'it is described that parts of Sati's body fell at 52 places and a Shakti Peetha was constructed in these places.

Ambaji temple is not a statue, but a Visayantra

The Ambaji temple does not have a statue of Mataji, but the Visayantra or Sriyantra is decorated in such a way that there is an idol in the Gokha of the temple. Sriyantra is decorated with sculptures from the flower garden. In Sriyantra (visual system), Bhattji Maharaj is worshiped blindfolded.

Golden Temple of Gujarat, 358 Golden Kalash

There is a kalash weighing 3 tons on the 103 feet high peak of Ambaji temple. There are currently 358 gold earrings. This temple has the highest number of gold ornaments out of 51 Shakti Peethas across India.

Golden temple

The temple of Ambaji has become a golden temple. The peak of Ambaji Temple, one hundred and two feet high, is 59 feet high and made of gold. 140 kg of gold has been used for it. Which has been fitted with a sleek design on copper sheets. The pillar of Somnath Mahadev, the top of the peak together is 100 kg gold.

Ambaji has donated the most gold. Apart from the Kalash, Trishul and Damru at the top, the sanctum sanctorum pillars of the temple are decorated with gold. With a donation of 100 kg of gold, the temple also covers the area including the reservoir.

Why is the temple of gold being built?

After making Ambala golden of Ambaji temple, 3 gold urns were placed. Even after this, the flow of gold donations by the pilgrims continued and the gold was kept in the strong room. Seeing the flow of gold donations after the work of Ambala and Kalash, it was decided to build a Golden Temple by Ambaji Devasthan, which is receiving good response from pilgrims from all over the world and today Ambaji Temple is becoming a Golden Temple. At present, a large number of devotees are donating.

Indigenous mercury method for handling gold

Atulji Kansara and Chiraji Kansara of Visnagar, who specializes in embossing according to the original design of the Ambaji temple and fitting gold beads with native mercury method He was assigned this job. In which 2.17 crore rupees have been spent. 15 expert craftsmen have been carving gold for 6 years. The temple of Jagadamba is covered with gold on copper plates. Mercury is used to prevent gold from losing its luster and becoming black in rain, heat, or climate change.

What does donations and gifts bring?

Bhadravi Poonam is seen by 10 lakh people. 3 million people are coming to visit every year. Apart from cash, devotees offer various gold and silver jewelery including foreign currency as well as jewelry, bracelets, horseshoes, bracelets, sets, various hinges, canopies, tridents, shovels, etc. at the feet of Jagadamba. A donor named Mukeshbhai Patel from Ahmedabad donated 25 kg of gold. This made it easy to cover the top of the temple with gold. The second phase will cover the second part of the temple.

Aarti in the temple

Jagat Janani in Ambaji temple is performed by Bhattaji Maharaj of Jagadamba Aarti Temple. It is forbidden to touch Bhattji Maharaj, who comes to perform aarti after bathing. The aarti starts only after offering the torch to Jagadamba with a torch in the evening. Over the years, only the Bhudev Bhattji family of Siddhpur has got the right to perform aarti and worship.

During the year, Aarti is performed ten months twice and thrice two months. Mangala Aarti in the morning, Sai Aarti in the evening, Aarti in the afternoon. During the year, Aarti is performed three times from Akhatij to Ashadhi Seed. It employs 60 employees and about 300 temporary workers.

What kind of protection

56 CCTV cameras, 40 border wing personnel, 17 women security personnel (GISF), 173 men (GISF), 1 PSI, 15 police personnel, 38 temple guards, 20 home guards

Vijayantra worship, not idols

The original temple of Ambajimata is of Betha Ghat. In the huge mandapa and sanctum sanctorum, there is the cow cow of the Goddess. In place of idols, Vijayantra is worshiped here. The front of the temple is decorated with various vehicles like lion, tiger, elephant, Nandi, eagle along with Garuda and Chundadi / Chaharchauk. Ambajimata is also known as Chakwali's mother. Home Havan is held here at Chowk.

Poshi Poonam Pragatiya Divas

Poshi Poonam Mataji is grandly celebrated as Pragya Divas. On this day a large number of pilgrims from Gujarat and adjoining states come here by foot and vehicles. And on the special Bhadravi Poonam, a fair is also organized here. Ambaji village is decorated. On this day 'Shanti Yagya' is performed. are conducted. Gabbar is located 3 km west of Ambaji Temple. This place is considered to be the manifestation of Mataji.

Babri Karma of Shri Krishna happened here

According to Bhagwat, the Babri-Chulakram ritual of Lord Krishna was performed at this place. Gabbar can be accessed by footpaths as well as ropeways. Where the flame of the unbroken lamp shines unbroken. This Jyoti can also be seen with the naked eye from the Ambaji temple.


These 51 Shaktipeeths are mentioned in Tantra-Chudamani. According to the Puranas, Daksha Prajapati performed a 'Buhaspatik' yajna, to which he did not invite his son-in-law Lord Shankar. So despite her opposition, Dakshaputri Sridevi went there. While the father's mouth heard the condemnation of her husband, she gave up her life in the altar. Then Lord Shiva saw the body of Sati Devi and performed Tandava.

Fearing that the universe would perish when Trilok began to walk shoulder to shoulder with Sati Devi, Lord Vishnu cut Sati Devi into pieces with her chakra and scattered them on the earth. Parts of this body and ornaments were dropped at 51 places, where Shakti Peethas were installed everywhere. The Shakti Peethas in Ambaji of Arasur are similar to the ancient Shakti Peethas. Gujarati news translation of this website.

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