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    Beam announces integration with Chainlink's oracle network

    Privacy-focused blockchain Beam has announced that it will be integrating Chainlink's price feeds to help its developers build DeFi Apps. The initial integration will focus on using Chainlink oracles to maintain collateralization of Beam's confidential stablecoin protocol, while also supporting the Beam-ERC-20 bridge for moving assets between the Ethereum and BeamX...

    • 8 hrs ago
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    China: Will the digital Renminbi replace WeChat Pay, Alipay anytime soon?

    "But, we have a question to discuss. Can it [Digital Renminbi] replace Alipay, WeChat Pay, and bank cards as the main electronic payment tool?" That was the question posed to Li Lihui, former President of the Bank of China, during the 2020 Caijing Annual Meeting about CBDCs. The exec responded that at least for the next ten years, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and...

    • 9 hrs ago
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    'Retail s*ckers duped by manipulative whales' - Roubini on Bitcoin's price fall

    Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, is in the news again after American economist and popular crypto-critic Nouriel Roubini claimed that it had no intrinsic value, adding that BTC is heavily manipulated. Taking to Retail suckers with massive FOMO have been jumping again into BTC as they did in late 2017 when price went from 10K to 19K only to crash...

    • 10 hrs ago
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    Bank of Russia hears commercial banks' concerns over digital Ruble

    Over the course of the past eleven months, cryptocurrencies have emerged to become a serious asset class, one being taken note of by countries and regulatory agencies all over the world. Russia is one of them, with the country's PM recently directing the development of the local crypto-market. The country is in the news again after the Bank of Russia held a meeting with...

    • 11 hrs ago
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    Compound Founder claims 'adverse market conditions' caused DAI liquidation

    Thanksgiving was an eventful day in terms of the overall market movement, as Bitcoin dropped to $16k levels, witnessing its largest single-day drop since March 12, 2020. Over $1.3 billion was liquidated from exchanges, however, amidst this selloff, DeFi saw its own share of liquidation as DAI prices on Coinbase Pro escalated rapidly, leading to the liquidation of over $85...

    • 12 hrs ago
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    Bitcoin Cash short-term Price Analysis: 27 November

    Disclaimer: The findings of the following article are the sole opinion of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice Bitcoin Cash's price witnessed a small surge, however, this was only a brief affair. Given the recent price activity in the Bitcoin market, its hard fork has also been witnessing a restricted price action. As the price fell from $371 it has now been trading...

    • 13 hrs ago
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    ECB says 'big tech and stablecoins' a risk to the European Financial System

    Big tech and stablecoins could disrupt the European financial system, says ECB Executive Board Member, Fabio Panetta. In a speech at the "Future of Payments in Europe" conference, Panetta stated, "While they could offer convenient and efficient payment solutions, they risk endangering competition, privacy, financial stability and even monetary...

    • 15 hrs ago
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    Huobi launches 'localized' crypto-exchange for Malaysia's locals

    According to a press release received by AMBCrypto, an independent trading platform licensed under the Huobi brand, Huobi Labuan , a localized crypto-exchange for the Malaysian market, is launching with fully regulated trading services for both spot and derivatives markets. The launch of such trading services comes shortly after Huobi Labuan received a digital asset trading...

    • 15 hrs ago
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    CME becomes largest Bitcoin Futures market as OI hits $1.16bn

    Amidst all the market movement over the past few days, and liquidations observed over exchanges, CME has now overtaken OKEx to become the largest Futures market for Bitcoin. According to data from @skewdotcom, CME is now the largest futures market for #bitcoin! Institutional investors are here🏦💰 ...

    • 16 hrs ago
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    Ethereum Classic hard fork receives Binance's support

    After an intense rally witnessed in the cryptocurrency market, the trends have reversed. Bitcoin along with altcoins has been moving down the price scale, but this has not stopped the upcoming developments. Ethereum Classic is set for its hard fork, Thanos [ECIP 1099], scheduled to take place on 29 November. In order to keep up with the developing ecosystem, Binance has announced to support...

    • 17 hrs ago