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Prince Pipes stock gives 232% return in just 4 months

The stock market has seen a lot of decline this whole week. All shares have fallen. In just 6 days, about 11 lakh crores of investors have lost money. In such a situation, many people will say that only money is lost in the stock market. But if you look at the long-term a little bit, you will find that a lot of shares give strong profits. One such stock is Prince Pipes, which has given a return of around 232% in just 4 months.

Jumped 8 percent in one day

If you talk about today i.e. 25th September, Prince Pipes shares rose up to 8% in intraday. With this, the share price rose more than Rs 260. Explain that last year this stock was listed at around Rs 160, while its issue price was Rs 178. But now this stock has given very excellent returns to its investors.

Shares climbed 232% in 4 months

Prince Pipes shares have risen by 232 per cent in just 4 months. On 22 May 2020, the company's stock touched its lowest level of Rs 75.30, which today reached Rs 260.40 on 25 September. According to the company, in May itself, the company's sales saw a recovery of nearly 80 percent compared to the previous year's sales.

Sales fell, but no stock

Sales of the company fully recovered in June, as the government gave a strong discount to the agriculture sector in Corona. The company's profit in the April-June quarter decreased compared to the previous year, but there is no major impact on the share prices. Let us tell you that Prince Pipes and Fittings Company manufactures PVC pipes.

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