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Do all women follow healthy food habits daily?

Stop dieting
Women should never skip meals and they should eat more protein, iron, spinach, Vegetables and fruits. Dieting will reduce your body strength and so women should eat more fiber and protein rich foods. Have two glasses of milk everyday as after 40 years calcium will not deposit in bones.

Have more calcium
If you're under 50, shoot for 1,000 milligrams per day, while over 50 women should be getting 1,200 milligrams per day mainly through diet about three servings of calcium rich foods such as milk, salmon, and almonds. Have two glasses of milk everyday as after 40 years calcium will not deposit in bones. Presently milk is rich in calcium and also more fat content too. Daily all girls and married woman should eat more calcium rich foods on a daily basis to keep them strong and healthy always. As women need calcium during pregnancy, menopausal stage and calcium deficiency leads to weaker bones which leads to osteo porosis.

Think about fertility
many women have no problem in getting pregnant in their late 30s and even into their early 40s, a woman's fertility may start to decline as early as 32. So if you want to have kids, talk to your doctor about options, like freezing your eggs."

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