Monday, 20 May, 12.20 pm Indian Herald

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Doctor spreads AIDS across Pakistan!

A whole district located in pakistan has been affected by HIV epidemic and this has happened in Sindh Province becoming the most talked about issue of the health sector across the world. Muzaffar Gangaro, a doctor has been found guilty after it was found that he had been making use of HIV infected syringes on people and has so far used infected syringes on and injected more than 500 people of the province.

Muzaffar happens to be a child specialist and currently he has been arrested by police who are conducting inquiries and are investigating to find if it was a deliberate sadistic act or a negligent act by the doctor.

Screening for HIV has been happening in the province and of more than thousands who underwent the screening, 500 tested positive and unfortunately most of them are children and more than half of those are below the age of 5. This issue has caused ripples in pakistan health ministry and medical circles.

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