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Exit polls in India have not always had best track record

Reportedly in many elections, only one of the many pollsters has gotten it right and the problem is that it's usually a different pollster each time and recent world history is rife with occasions on which the polls have simply gotten it wrong consider the Australian elections this week, in which the governing center right alliance proved every single poll for months wrong to crawl back into power.

Furthermore in particular, in the north, center and west, outside Uttar Pradesh and one or two other states, it's hard to argue with the trends that almost all the opinion polls have shown. Accordingly modi rules this part of india, and his grip on voters' hearts (and their voting fingers) seems unbreakable at this point.

Moreover if this is another modi Wave, and in fact one comparable to 2014, then let us hear no more nonsense about the record of the United Progressive Alliance being the reason that modi won in 2014. Presently modi wins because a plurality in this country believes he represents it better than any other politician in living memory and hence that's why he won in 2014, and that may be why he wins in 2019.

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