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Man unites with family via Facebook!

A person named Mohammad who had lost his family before 37 years, has now reunited with family thanks to Facebook. He was seen by family lastly in 1982, and ever since he went missing his family had been searching him in vain.

He was survived by his wife who was then pregnant. Mohammad's son and two daughters were married and their children got married as well. After long time, a bakery owner named Raiz decided to help Mohammad and on Facebook posted Mohammad's story and tried to see if he was able to unite him with his family.

With the help of Raiz's friend they were able to contact Loktantrik Yuva Janata Dal president Salim who was helpful and located his family and took Mohammad to them. After 37 years of grief, now he is all set to begin life afresh with his lost and found family.

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