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Will NDA form comfortably after Exit Polls Results?

New delhi sources stated that Prime Minister Narendra modi's BJP will win almost as many seats as it did in 2014 and form a government comfortably, exit polls predicted on Sunday at the end of the national election. Meanwhile the poll of polls, an aggregate of exit polls, gives the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) 302 of 543 seats and the Congress and its allies 122.

Furthermore the poll of polls indicates that the BJP, as it had calculated, will make up for its losses in Uttar Pradesh with a surge in Odisha and West Bengal. Reportedly the exit polls results are according to our expectations," BJP national vice president Vinay Sahasrabudhe told "The grand alliance experiment has failed. The BSP and SP could not take our votes. The main opposition parties in Uttar Pradesh are divided thin, whose benefits the BJP got."

Earlier the BJP campaigned aggressively on the nationalism pitch and played up the recent Balakot air strikes against pakistan as an example of PM modi's strong leadership. Moreover the opposition, led by the Congress party and its leader, rahul Gandhi, tried to steer the narrative towards the economy, farmer distress and jobs. Reports added the Prime Minister held 142 rallies across the country, sometimes five a day and the Congress campaigned intensely in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and kerala.

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