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    Yes, We "Curly Girlies" Make Our Hair Our Whole Personality. Here's Why

    I was born bald. While most babies were born with sprigs that eventually transformed into a full-blown mane, I was born with a shiny, barren scalp - not one strand of hope on my head. Several months of my infancy were spent with my mom rubbing hot almond oil on my scalp in hopes that all that rubbing and wishing - much like Aladdin's lamp - would lead to some miraculous...

    • 10 hrs ago
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    10 Years of Game of Thrones: There is No Comfort to Be Found in Westeros Today

    For those who have paid even cursory attention to Irish actor Sean Bean's career, his appearance on our screens is always enough to send off the alarm bells in our heads. Bean is a popular face in genre shows and movies, instantly recognisable as the duplicitous Boromir from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), Bond villain Alec Trevelyan in...

    • 15 hrs ago
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    "Mama I'm Coming Home": Why We Seek for the Comfort of Our Parents When a Crisis Like Covid Hits

    Life comes full circle they say. Sometimes it does so in the dreariest of circumstances, with the grin of a rather mean prophecy. The country is on its knees. I write this through a strain of fever and crippling body pain. There is no kidding about the anxiety and fear it comes with. All this melancholia, this anxiety has made me realise a humbling...

    • yesterday
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    "You Need to Struggle More!": Are We Capable of Choosing Contentment Over Success?

    You need to struggle more! Your generation has it way too easy," an elderly uncle tells me, with his fists clenching harder, as if to emphasise the proof of his own life's work in his weary, wrinkled hands. I had just told him about my plans for a short holiday to the hills, where I was going to do nothing but read and write. As a freelance writer, I had...

    • 2 days ago
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    Ajeeb Daastaans Review: This Netflix Anthology Gives You a New Perspective of Seeing the World Around You

    In a scene from "Geeli Pucchi", the third short in Netflix's anthology series Ajeeb Daastaans, a boss tells a woman employee demanding a more intellectual job at his factory, "Inn mardon mein aur tum mein pata hai kya antar hai. Ye sab kaamgar hain aur tum karigar." At first sight this seems like a gendered opinion,...

    • 4 days ago
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    Minari Review: Family is the Answer To Life's Curveballs in This Awards Season Favourite

    Near the end of Minari, an old woman is peacefully watching her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren sleep. Some hours ago, they escaped what could have been a fatal disaster, which was preceded by tension threatening to tear the family apart. Now, in the comfort of their home, the family appears snugly cocooned, as the sun rises to an ethereal score by...

    • 5 days ago
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    Is the "Follow Your Passion" Advice Full of Crap?

    In 2012, when the world was theoretically about to end as per the Mayans, I googled the best film schools in the world that took me to NYU Tisch Asia's page and I was like a child in a chocolate factory. Wide-eyed and excited by the prospect of studying filmmaking, before buildings came melting down like in the film 2012, I sold the "following my passion" dream to my family à la 3...

    • 6 days ago
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    Had It Not Been for The Crown, Prince Philip Would've Just Been a Politically Incorrect Grandpa For Most of Us

    Only last month, an image of Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip in a car went viral online and instantly became a meme. Just released from hospital, the 99-year-old, people joked, looked like a zombie, with wide staring eyes and a grey complexion. Mean-spirited jibes that the Royal was being tethered to life by some arcane...

    • 7 days ago
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    We've All Laughed At Yogi Babu, the Tamil Comedian. It's Time to Applaud for Yogi Babu, the Actor

    Animal with an iPad. Stuck carburettor. Baby of premature birth. Buffalo. Last child of a bear. These are just a few of the insults hurled at comedian Yogi Babu's character in Maan Karate, his breakout film which released in 2014. In many ways, the film came to shape his brand of humour, giving him the persona that he struggled to shake off, a...

    • a week ago
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    I Took Part in the Tika Utsav, Should I Have Gone to Kumbh Instead?

    What a wonderful time to be over 45. I am overwhelmed with options to how I want to live or die. Should I live Ram Bharose a little longer and wait for the Russian dude Sputnik? Stalk the American, J&J? Or should I obsess over the half-desi Covishield or hitch a ride with the desi boy, Covaxin? Sadly, I don't think I can wait much longer. Too bad I don't live in...

    • a week ago