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India a typical regional hegemon, controls Bhutan, Nepal: Chinese daily

A Chinese state-run daily, Global Times said 'India has also interfered with the diplomacy of Nepal and other south Asian countries'.

Beijing: As India celebrated its 71st Independence Day on Tuesday, Chinese media called India a typical example of regional hegemon, which controls the South Asian countries like Bhutan and Nepal amid military standoff at Sikkim.

A Chinese state-run daily, Global Times , in an editorial said, "India behaving like a bully, which has taken the sovereign state of Sikkim into its territory and with so-called protection of Bhutan, limiting its sovereignty".

India and China are engaged in a standoff in Sikkim since June 16, when China attempted to construct a road at Doklam, a disputed tri-junction area between India-Bhutan-China, which originally belongs to Bhutan, but China claims it as its territory.

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The editorial also blamed India for not allowing Bhutan to establish diplomatic relations with five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, a relationship that no large country has with a small country till this day.

Global Times, which is known for its strong criticism against India, mentioned, "India has also interfered with the diplomacy of Nepal and other south Asian countries."

It said that China is way more powerful than India, but still it doesn't project a sphere of influence. "Beijing doesn't control any country like India controls Bhutan," it added.

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On India's 71st anniversary of Independence, Global Times said, "August 15 is not just a day for pride. However, Indians should also reflect on what they have done and feel shame for their actions."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his address to nation from Red Fort on Independence Day, had said, "India is capable of tackling any kind of security challenge, be it the sea or borders."

Modi made this comment at the backdrop of ongoing military standoff with China at Sikkim.

Meanwhile, Indian border guards on Tuesday foiled an attempt by Chinese soldiers to enter Indian territory, along the banks of famous Pangong lake in Ladakh resulting in stone pelting that caused minor injuries to people of both the sides.

The NDA government has time and again said it wants to resolve the Doklam standoff through diplomatic channels. However, China has refused to hold talks unless India withdraws its troops from the Sikkim sector.

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