Monday, 05 Aug, 3.27 am Asian Age

PS4 games available for as low as Rs 100, offers Gameaholic

India gets its first flat-fee PS4 game exchange platform.

Ever thought of getting a PS4 game for an amount as low-priced as Rs.100? Sounds like a dream, right? Dream of it no more because it has now turned into a reality.

India now has its first flat-fee PS4 game exchange platform. Launched with the intention to fulfil the never-ending quest for new games, offers gamers across the country, access to any game they want just for Rs. 100! Isn't that exciting?

Moreover, to ensure the quality of the games being exchanged, there is 'Gameaholic Guarantee,' a certification that every single PS4 game offered is of the highest calibre. The quality and functionality of every game is verified by experts, so users can be rest assured! The 'Gameaholic Guarantee' logo is all you need to look for in the top right corner and you instantly know that your game is ready to be played.

Gaming in India has recently got a big boost with the rise of 4G & high-speed internet connection. It's this very growth defining moment during which Gameaholic plans on emerging as a portal that provides access to the largest collection of games at a very lucrative cost. Also, Gameaholic provides services and delivers games in approximately 2208 Indian cities, including major rural areas.

Was Nathan Drake successful in finding the hidden treasure? Was Kratos able to fulfil the last wish of his second wife? Never again will an ardent PS4 lover would have to wait to solve these mind- boggling mysteries.

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