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How Can Astrology Help in Overcoming Depression?

01 Sep 2021.5:08 PM

Depression is one of the most common illnesses worldwide. It is different from usual mood swings and short-lived emotional responses to challenges of everyday lives. If not taken care of, it often leads to a serious health condition. 

Do you know the Moon affects our physical and mental well-being? A moon stirs up emotions, provokes bizarre behavior, and even causes physical illness. Dating back to 400 B.C., ancient physicians and philosophers have blamed behavioral changes on the pull of the moon. Indeed, the word “lunatic”  came from the idea that changes in mental state are related to lunar cycles.


Are you wondering about the scientific reason behind it? Well, high and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon's gravitational force generates something called the tidal force. The human body consists of 70% water, hence causing behavioral changes.

As per astrology, a Moon placed in conjunction with Saturn makes a person mentally unstable. Saturn creates fear and brings limitations. It brings aloofness. Moon is the peace of mind and it wants happiness. The Saturn and the Moon combination causes depression to the native by putting extra burden, responsibility, and feeling of heaviness on the emotional side. 

Indeed, any other inauspicious planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu when associated with Moon through aspects and conjunction will give the native depression especially in the time of concerning planets dasha or antar dasha.

Astrological remedies for depression

If proper astrological remedies are performed by natives they can be cured of depression and stressful life.

Remedy 1: Lord Shiva is correlated to the Moon and therefore, it is suggested that the native chants “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times per day. He can also read Shiv Chalisa daily.

Remedy 2: Moon is a concord of personality and psyche hence it should be fed with prosperity and to do so, wearing silver rings with a pearl on the small finger is recommended. The size of the pearl depends upon the weight of the person and hence should recommend a knowledgeable astrologer like AstroNupur.

Remedy 3: Offering Dudh Abhishek and Ganne ka Ras (Sugarcane juice) Abhishek to shivling every morning helps in keeping mental health in check.

Remedy 4: Moon represents the mother. Hence, having a good relationship with the mother is helpful and if the mother has expired then maintaining a motherly relationship with any elder woman can prove to be beneficial.

In addition to the above remedies, a lot also depends upon the planetary positions in your birth chart. To get personalized remedies on your horoscope, remember to consult an astrologer

“Depression and anxiety are issues that are age-old in every society. Yet they haven’t come to the forefront. For finding a solution for such disorders it is necessary that we address them. Astrology is one of the best channels to get rid of such mental disorders that people often do not accept”, says AstroNupur.


Question 1. What is Depression?

Answer: Depression is a widely rolled out mental disorder that gradually makes a person detached from the outer world, causes stress, lack of sleep, jealousy from other people, etc. it also brings negative outcomes on the physical health too. 

Question 2: What are the reasons for depression?

Answer: Anxiety attacks, relationship problems, lack of self-confidence, panic attacks are usually the reason. Sometimes there can be no apparent reason at all.

Question 3: How can an astrologer ascertain the signs of depression?

Answer: He can observe the signs of depression if the native suffers from mood swings, unintentional weight loss, lack of sleep, difficulty in getting up in the mornings, sadness without any reason. A debilitated Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter can cause depression. Similarly, there are various other planetary combinations too that can be the reason. 



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