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7 Things You Must Know About The Revolt RV400 and RV300

Environmental conservation is a topic of great concern today. Everywhere, you have people talking about the ill effects of pollution and the damage that it causes to the environment. One of the significant contributors to environmental pollution is vehicle exhaust. Does that entail that one should stop driving vehicles altogether? One can switch over to environmentally friendly fuels. The BSVI emission norms that kick off from April 2020 are welcome steps in this direction. The introduction of electric cars and bikes is another factor that can protect the environment from annihilation.

Revolt Motors, a reputed electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India, has come up with excellent solutions by introducing two electric motorcycles, the Revolt RV400, and Revolt RV300. Let us look at the seven things you should know about the Revolt RV400 and Revolt RV300.

First AI-enabled Motorcycle in India

The Revolt RV400 and RV300 are the first Artificial Intelligence enabled motorcycles in India. It is possible because of Revolt Motors' affiliation with multiple technology partners.

Made with Chinese Collaboration

The Chine Company, Super Soco, has lent its technology for the manufacture of the Revolt RV400 and RV300 body and chassis.

Both the Revolt RV400 and RV300 come with excellent features like 4G connectivity, a digital instrument console, and LED headlamps with DRLs.

The RV400 and RV300 are compatible with a specific mobile application. It allows the user to customize various features such as choosing a unique exhaust note for the bike. A 4G SIM-enabled by LTE via OTA updates powers this mobile application.

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Three Riding Modes

Three riding modes are available that the rider can change from the handlebar. The riding modes serve to alter the top speed of the bike and its throttle response of the motor. Therefore, it emits different exhaust sounds that can serve as a pedestrian protection system, as well.

The Revolt RV400 derives its power from a 3.24kW Li-ion battery that enables the bike to clock a top speed of 85kmph while delivering a mileage of around 156km on a single charge. On the other hand, the Revolt RV300 comes equipped with a 2.7kW Li-ion battery capable of producing top speeds of 65kmph with a better mileage of 180km on one charge.

The AI functionality comes to the fore, as it permits the battery to deliver optimum performance depending on the riding style of each individual.

Other exciting features include swappable battery options where the rider can swap batteries at specific locations. To make it more enticing and encourage people to buy the bike, Revolt Motors has come up with a unique MRP (My Revolt Plan) that enables buyers to purchase the vehicle by paying easy EMIs spread over three years. The bike comes with speakers and microphones that can be used to activate the motorcycle. This system is powered by none other than Google.

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We shall now proceed with comparing the specifications of both these bikes, the RV400 and RV300.


Revolt RV400

Revolt RV300





156km per charge

180km per charge




Price (ex-showroom New Delhi)

Rs 1.48 lakhs

Rs 1.11 lakhs

Key features

Remote control key

Push Start

4G connectivity

4G LTE SIM Enabled


Remote key


One - STD

One - STD

Colours available

Black and Red

Black and Grey

Rear Suspension

Adjustable Monoshock

Adjustable Monoshock

Braking System

240mm front disc brakes

240mm rear disc brakes

240mm front disc brakes

180mm rear disc brakes


Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels

Top Speed



Battery type

3.24kW Lithium-Ion

2.7kW Lithium-Ion




Seat Height



Ground Clearance



Tyre Size

Front - 90/80-17

Rear - 120/80-17

Front - 90/80-17

Rear - 110/80-17

Headlights and tail lamps

LED with DRLs

LED with DRLs

Comfort factor

Grab rails present

Grab rails unavailable

Safety features






Revolt RV300

Revolt RV400

Other market competitors



These motorcycles will come with a 5year/75,000km warranty with a service interval of 10,000km. The best part of the warranty is that it covers the brakes pads and tyres, as well.

Revolt RV400 and RV300 should provide the perfect answers to environmental conservation, as these electric bikes do not pollute the atmosphere by releasing any obnoxious gases. Electric bikes are the future and Revolt has made a fantastic beginning in this regard with the introduction of the RV400 and RV300.

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