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Yamaha Ray ZR Vs Yamaha Fascino - Which One You Should Buy?

Yamaha, the name can bring nostalgic memories to the older generations. Possessing a Yamaha bike was a sort of a status symbol in those days. True to their reputation, Yamaha bikes were sturdy and capable of rugged performances. Yamaha now brings the same qualities to its line of scooters. The Yamaha Ray ZR and the Yamaha Fascino are two such examples. Comparing these two scooters is like comparing your children. There is no favorite, but each of these scooters has distinctive features. This review strives to highlight these distinctions to enable people to make an informed decision.

We shall do a quick overview before diving deep into the detailed comparison.


Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Ray ZR

Ex-showroom Price - New Delhi

Rs 54,593

Rs 53,651 to Rs 58,098

On-Road Price - New Delhi

Rs 60,806

Rs 62,849 to Rs 67,663


66 kmpl

60 kmpl


Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 Valves

Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 Valves





7.2ps - 7500rpm

7.0 to 7.2ps - 7500rpm


8.1Nm - 5000 rpm

8.1Nm - 5000 rpm




On comparing the key specifications, the Yamaha Fascino appears to be available at a lower price when compared to the Yamaha Ray ZR. It seems to be a better vehicle on the mileage front, as well. However, Yamaha Fascino comes in only one variant, whereas the Yamaha Ray ZR comes in four. Thus, you have a better choice in front of you.

The Yamaha Fascino comes with an analogue system, whereas the Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally Edition has a digital information console. It also comes with a clock that is absent in the Yamaha Fascino. The Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally Edition, the top-end version of the scooter, features a knuckle guard, new visor, large front pockets, and a key shutter locking system. Thus, the Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally Edition is slightly ahead in the race at present.

Both vehicles do not have ABS. The Yamaha Fascino comes with drum brakes for both the front and rear wheels. The Yamaha Ray ZR has one variant that comes with ventilated disc brakes for the front wheels. However, the rear wheels have drum brakes. Thus, there is not much to distinguish in this parameter. Both the scooters come out evenly placed.

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The Yamaha Fascino and the Yamaha Ray ZR, both feature the same motor with similar specifications. Both the scooters come with CDI features (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) and automatic transmission systems with CVT. The fuel tank capacity of the scooters is the same at 5.2 liters.

Both of them sport telescopic front suspension and unit swing rear suspensions. They are similar in all respects.

The dimensions of the Yamaha Fascino match item for item with the Yamaha Ray ZR in almost all respects. The Yamaha Ray ZR is wider by around 25mm though it is shorter by 5mm. Otherwise, there is nothing to distinguish both these scooters.

The headlights and taillights are similar in all respects with both the vehicles sporting halogen bulbs. The Yamaha Fascino is slightly different because it has a pair of LED taillights that the Yamaha Ray ZR does not have. Both vehicles come with 12V-5Ah maintenance-free batteries. The Yamaha Ray ZR features an Average Fuel Economy Indicator that is not present in the Yamaha Fascino.

Both the scooters are neck-to-neck when you compare the tyres. They feature tubeless tyres with dimensions of 90/100-10 for both the wheels.

The Yamaha Fascino noses in front with an average mileage of 66 kmpl, whereas the Yamaha Ray ZR lags at around 60kmpl. That should not be a significant issue, but when it comes to a comparison between close competitors, the mileage does have a say. Both these scooters can achieve a maximum speed of 80kmph.

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Both Yamaha Fascino and Yamaha Ray ZR come in five color combinations with the Fascino coming in three different shades of blue. Now, color is a matter of individual choice. One can say that there are attractive options available in this parameter.

As the comparison shows, there is not much to choose between the two vehicles. Both these vehicles are equally good. The Yamaha Fascino is a cheaper vehicle with a better mileage performance, whereas the Yamaha Ray ZR has some additional features to provide a higher degree of comfort and convenience.

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