The man who give the lost a second chance at life

Tuesday, 11 Jul, 3.29 am

Bajaj V presents Invincible Indians, stories of ordinary Indians who by their resolve and determination, performed extraordinary acts for our society. Next story of this initiative is of Pastor K M Philip who since 1999 has helped several lost and abandoned individuals find a place to call home.

Mumbai boasts a fair share of human success stories but there are many who find themselves helpless and adrift in this unforgiving city of dreams. In the earlier years, Pastor Philip was taken aback by the sheer number of destitute fighting for meals, shelter and their safety day in and day out on the streets of Mumbai. Beggars, construction workers, migrants and even those who escaped abusive homes are seen in hordes - one such 11-year-old boy, Sagar, who sought shelter with Pastor Philip unfortunately lost his life in a freak accident. This incident changed his life forever. He decided to dedicate his life to rescue the ailing, the lost, the homeless and the forgotten to give them another shot at life.