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The Difference Between Love and Attraction - Which of the Two Do You Really Feel?

There has always been this confused moment of every lover on whether they're attracted to someone or they're actually already in love. There's a hairline between attraction and love, but they are never the same. Attraction can happen any time of the day, while love is something that takes time to grow. Who said said it's "love at first sight" clearly never heard of attraction before. The initial good feeling you experience when you meet someone is "attraction" not "love". Love is pure while attraction can simply fade away. Sure, love can fade, but that's a whole new different topic for next time.

To put simply, love entails attraction, but attraction can exist without love. You can simply say you're attracted to someone because of their beauty, talents and personality, but love goes beyond that. You love someone permanently their faults and limitations. Two people who are attracted to each other can either fall in lust or love. If it's true love, it goes beyond sex and mere physical magnetism. With love, you do your best to make the other person happy, while attraction is mainly focusing more on your own needs and needs, to fulfill self-satisfaction.

But hey, attraction is a step towards love. It takes time yes, but the more you open your heart to the possibility, the greater chance it is for you to make it grow to something more meaningful than just a plain lure of your carnal instincts. If you accept someone despite his flaws and shortcomings, then that can be love. If you only want to be with someone during the good times and then disappear during the bad times, then maybe it's just petty attraction. Examine yourself and identify which of the two do you really feel.

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