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Sachin Gupta's Pakhi facing the trouble of censor certification

Menace over Pakhi as censor board has refused to give a certificate. Censor's comment on certification of Pakhi is that it revolves around child trafficking and sexual assault depicting this in a crude manner. Therefore the examining committee has refused the certification.

Pakhi is a social crime drama movie which had made headlines in the media in the recent days and was nationally promoted but got struck in censor certification. Earlier it was scheduled to release on 10th August 2018 but now will be postponed.

Under the banner of Chilsag pictures the social crime drama "Pakhi" unfold the miseries of the web of child trafficking.

"Pakhi" is based on the true event of a life of a 10-year-old girl. In the name of marriage even after 70 years of independence the girls are not safe and are traded for money. At the age of going to school and relishing the childhood innocence, the web of child trafficking is trapping the younger girl in the den of prostitution. Pakhi also got trapped in the sexual trafficking and finds herself in the den of prostitution. This is the story of a girl who unfolds the realities of the world of flesh trade and decodes the enigma of existence. A story of struggle and survival of a girl who is strangled in the webs of the dark. With the twist of fates, will this be a story of survival or a battle of defeat? This is the story of those girls who are still captive in the brothel.

The social crime drama Pakhi is written by writer cum producer cum director Sachin Gupta. Sumeet Kaul, Anamika Shukla, Pihu, Shikandar Khan and Anmol Goswami are in the leads. The music is embraced by Shivang Mathur and lyrics by Shayra Apoorva. Navin Kumar is the cinematographer and Ajay Shivan is the editor and choreographer of the film. The background score is given by Nikkhil Koparde.

On the refusal of the censor certificate, the director of the movie Sachin Gupta quoted "It's really shocking that the censor board is refusing such a social crime drama. The movie contains neither abusive language nor violence yet it has been refused. It's not the first time such social stories are coming up, earlier also film based on social crime were made and got the censor clearance. As an independent filmmaker with a restricted budget, it's really difficult to come up with such a plot. The film was promoted nationally and was making the headlines in the leading newspaper and media but now we have to wait for the clearance. The film has been published in the revising committee."

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