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A T- Series Short Film 'Jeena Mushkil Hai Yaar' Which Focuses On Woes Of Tribals Enters World Film Festivals

A T-Series short film 'Jeena Mushkil Hai Yaar' which focuses on woes of tribals is being sent to many film festivals world over, shortly. The short film directed by Mohan Singh, is inspired from true and real incidents that have taken place in tribal belts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, where 'Baiga', ' gaund ' and other tribes took a daunting task of forest conservation and saved acres of forest land facing the system fought with adverse antiquated age-old laws.

Speaking about this film director Mohan says, 'The film starts when the popularity of a primetime Hindi news anchor hits a new low when she is accused of sensationalizing and manipulating the news of a dying superstar. She faces a huge turmoil when she is forced to go to a jungle where she faces turmoil weather to save her career or to save the tribal who fighting a lone battle to save the jungle from a multinational mining company.'

The film features the real tribals, who have even composed the title track for the film in there traditional music form 'Karma'. Khushali Kumar, Yatin Karyekar, Nishant Dahiya, Gopal Singh and others are in important roles.

The film has been directed by Mohan Singh, who has directed many Short films, TV serials and super hit music albums including 'Mera Highway Star', 'Raat Kamaal Hai', up till now. This short film is of 53 minutes duration.

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