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WhatsApp's latest feature "search the web" will help users to verify fake information

WhatsApp has been developing a plethora of new features for a while now, and has been stepping up measures to prevent the dissemination of false news on its applications.

The latest update “search the web” of WhatsApp allows users browse shared message content quickly to scan for false information.

“Search the Web”

A magnifying glass icon will appear next to texts that were being send through a network of five or more people.

Clicking it looks for the content of the communication online, with the intention that this will expose some popular conspiracy theories or disinformation found in the text.

It will easily conduct a Google search for the message or picture in the text, and ideally allow you to evaluate whether or not the data is accurate.

The intensity at which information can be exchanged on WhatsApp with a large number of users has made the app a platform for viral false news. Through the latest search feature WhatsApp offers users the opportunity to verify information themselves.

The company emphasizes that all shared messages are secured by end-to-end encryption, and you don’t have to think about revealing something secret on WhatsApp.

Recently, Whatsapp’s multi-device feature has drawn attention since it first rose to popularity.

This is the most awaited WhatsApp updates and multi-device support that could be referred to as the “linked devices” feature as per the recent report, and users would need to have a code to sign in to different devices. WhatsApp latest feature of multiple devices support: here's how it works

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