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    All you need to know about OCD

    What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is characterized by persistent unwanted thoughts and rituals to prevent or relieve these thoughts that interfere with everyday life. People who suffer from OCD use these rituals as temporary relief from the anxiety that these unwanted thoughts cause. As the condition progresses these rituals may become such a large part of the...

  • Health

    Understanding Suicidal Thoughts in Teens

    According to the Statistics report from the USA, 80% of suicide victims gave a warning sign . With the suicide rate up, it is important for us to understand the significance of these statistics. This should awaken us to the fact that the depressed often do send us signals. No one wants to be depressed and this 80% statistics does alarm us that we may be able to help them. Often we miss the signs because...

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    How to Quit Smoking?

    Quitting smoking is a really hard, in many cases the individuals have failed attempts to quit. Many may have started smoking as a way to cope with anxiety, depressed feeling or simply to get rid of boredom. Quitting in these situations can be harder. Smoking gives a 'good' feeling that helps you relax, once one continues smoking the brain enjoys and gets used to the sensation. Thus making an individual crave and...

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    Treatment-Resistant Depression - What you should know?

    Do you know Depression, especially treatment-resistant depression can be subtle at first but then it demonstrates that it's like a parasite that steals everything and wants to kill the host? This article will help you learn more about what is treatment-resistant depression and what can be done for it. Treatment-Resistant Depression- Definition The term "Treatment-Resistant...

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    Emotions - Demons or Angels?

    Is it better to think logically or to think emotionally? Most people would argue that logic is superior because emotions are seen as messy, uncomfortable and sometimes leading to wrongful actions. They are also not based on facts and therefore are "unscientific". The implication of this cultural discourse is that emotions are obstacles that we must overcome in our life's journey and we must strive...

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    Childhood Depression

    Childhood Depression or Depression in children and adolescents is a significant, persistent, and recurrent public health problem that undermines social and school functioning generates severe family stress and prompts significant use of mental health services Major depression is a common condition that affects approximately 5% of children and adolescents. Epidemiological studies have consistently demonstrated that...

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    Emotional hygiene: Our buffer against psychological Injuries

    What do we all do when we get a cut on our finger or sprain in our ankle? We reach out for a band- aid or go to the doctor if the injury is more severe. Unfortunately a lot of us, aren't so kind when it comes to taking care of our emotional or psychological injuries. Yes, it about the Emotional hygiene am talking about. These injuries can come in the form of failure, rejection,...

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    All you need to know about Borderline Personality Disorder

    Please don't misunderstand someone because they have Borderline personality disorder. BPD is much distressful and more than what you may think. In fact, in this article, you will also learn what no one tells about BPD and why people who don't have Borderline personality disorder find it difficult to understand. Hello, I am John, spouse of the one who has BPD. My wife has...

    • 4 months ago