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    The Ghost of Penupuram

    Grandfather Tatagaru explains that ghosts are nothing, but a creation of one's fear. Nikhil and Neelu could meet their cousins Alekhya and Anirudh only once a year at their family home during the winter vacations. They would really look forward to meeting them! Nikhil's family would come down from Mumbai and Alekhya's would arrive from Hyderabad. They would meet every winter in Penupuram, a village deep in...

    • 23 hrs ago
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    What's Odd

    Tick the odd one out in each row.

    • 5 days ago
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    Bathing in the Tea

    Chotu, the little biscuit is missing from the plate. His friends and family member are worried and blamed Miss tea for eating him up. Several biscuits kept in a plate were dozing. Suddenly Motu got up from his sleep and counted the number of biscuits just to find that one of them was missing. He then asked Miss Tea in the cup, "Where is Chhotu?" "I do not know any Chhotu, Motu," replied Tea. To this, Motu...

    • 5 days ago
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    Love you, Mom,

    This story has been written with words and pictures. Can you read it?

    • 2 weeks ago
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    The Best Mother's Day Gift

    The kid's naughtiness was beginning to worry their mother. When she would ask them to help out with the housework, they would make some excuse or another and escape. Laksh, Chirag and Peehu loved each other, but they were always up to some mischief . The moment their mother returned from work, other children would gather around her complaining about the three of them. Their mother would explain to them why...

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    Animal Mothers of the Wild

    Mothers love their children unconditionally. This is not the case in humans alone, because in nature, animal mommies display motherly love and care for their little ones too. However, there are some animals that are not known for their nurturing instincts, and make a very different kind of animal mother. Orangutan- Even though Orangutans are known to be very solitary and independent apes, they build strong bonds...

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    Humans Can Fly Too!

    Sunny, Marty and Coco were playing on the branch of a tree. Suddenly, they saw an aeroplane up in the sky. They had never seen an aeroplane before and were shocked to see one. "Look, mom! There's a huge bird flying across the sky!" said Sunny. "Yes, mom! It's very big and it is making a loud noise," added Marty. "It is so shiny, unlike any bird I have seen!" exclaimed Coco. Mini laughed...

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    Learning something Good

    Meeku has built a secret tunnel to escape from the Cat, but the Cat is determined to eat him anyway.

    • 4 weeks ago
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    Stubborn Water

    Let's learn more about surface tension. Stuff • A coin A dropper • A bowl of water DO 1. Place your coin on a flat, even surface. ____________________________________________________ 2. Fill the dropper with water.

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    Damru And The Gas Cylinder

    Damru had just started working for Cheeni, the cat. They were in the kitchen when...

    • a month ago