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    Devil in Disguise

    Cheeku and Meeku were playing when they met Wily the fox, read more to know what happened next. In the forest of Champakvan lived Cheeku and Meeku. They were the best of friends. While Cheeku was bright and knew no fear, Meeku, over the days had grown lazy and wasn't as brave as Cheeku. Nevertheless, they played together every day. Their arch rival was a fox. He'd always try to catch Cheeku and Meeku, but Cheeku would...

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    Find The Compasses

    There are 10 compasses hidden in this scene. Can you find them?

    • 3 months ago
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    Damru And Cinema Hall

    Damru caused yet another trouble, this time in the cinema hall though.

    • 4 months ago
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    Animal Mothers of the Wild

    Mothers love their children unconditionally. This is not the case in humans alone, because in nature, animal mommies display motherly love and care for their little ones too. However, there are some animals that are not known for their nurturing instincts, and make a very different kind of animal mother. Orangutan- Even though Orangutans are known to be very solitary and independent apes, they build strong bonds...

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    Veggie Art

    Decorate envelopes and paper cups using vegetables and paint. You will need: • Vegetables (a Potato, a Lady's Finger, a Carrot, some Coriander• Knife • Glue • Acrylic Paints • Paper Cut and Colour Cut the vegetables in half and paint over the exposed portion. You are ready to Potato paint! ___________________________________________ 1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it to two equal parts.

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    See how the different colours in a wheel disappear and become one colour. Do _________________________________ 1. Use the lid to trace a circle on the white paper and cardboard. Cut both of them. _________________________________ 2. Using a pencil and scale, divide the circular sheet of paper into 6 equal parts as shown, and colour each in a different colour: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

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    Spring Terrarium

    Welcome spring season with this terrarium! You will need: Transparent jar with a lid, colored tissue paper, small twigs, scissors, glue How to make: 1. Tear off tiny pieces of green tissue paper and scrunch them into crumpled balls. ____________________ 2. Glue the tiny tissue paper balls to the inside of the jar lid.

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    Titu Pen Stand

    Let's make a pen stand with one of your favourite Champakvan character-Titu butterfly! You will need: Paper cup, colour papers, chenille stick, googly eyes, marker pen, pencil, glue and scissors. How to make it: 1. Draw an outline of the body of Titu butterfly on a colour paper and cut it out.

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    Magazine Rack

    Let's make a magazine rack to store your copies of Champak! You will need: Mountboard, acrylic paint, paint brush, pencil, scale, glue and scissors. 1. Place the magazine on a sheet of mountboard and cut around it so that the cutout is slightly bigger than the magazine.

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    The Magic Rattle

    A magic rattle has fallen from the sky and it even has two tails! But since its arrival, the children in the forest are going missing. Cheeku decides to solve this mystery. Champak, India's favourite children's magazine presents a story about "The Magic Rattle". Story: Abrar Mohsin Illustrations: Sonal & Sumit

    • 10 months ago