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Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Windows That You Must Check

We don't actually acknowledge the power of the clipboard, but we use it quite often. We have been very much used to it that we don't actually realize we are using it. However, the default clipboard manager in Windows doesn't have many features, so here are some of the best clipboard applications that have some wonderful features and allow you to excel in copy and paste.

Best Clipboard Manager Apps


It is the best clipboard manager application for Windows. Whatever you may copy whether a text, image or a web link, this will have them stored in the form of clips. You can view the saved clips by clicking the icon in the system tray. You can organize your clips in folders. Just dragging and dropping the links from the ClipClip window will paste the link wherever you want.


This is one of the oldest and the best clipboard managers for Windows. You can find this one as well in the system tray like the ClipClip. The aesthetics and interface of the application look quite old and will take you some time to understand the app. It is a really powerful clipboard application, but the users need to try hard to understand it's usage.


This app has the best interface and looks very good. You can find this app also on your system tray after you install it on your PC/Laptop. Using start you can mark important on links that you feel are important. Drag and drop to paste is not available in this application.


This is a pretty much different application from the other ones. It has a different design. IT opens a window and will not be available from the system tray. This is available in the Windows Store. But its functionality is yet to improve and it has some bugs also.

Don't just copy and paste in an old regular routine way, use these applications and enjoy these features.

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