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How To Reduce Distracting Android Notifications

The smartphones have taken over our lives. This is true even if we accept or not. But that has been moving in a really wrong direction that people are losing their goals and concentration towards work. And if you also feel that you have been getting distracted a lot by the Android notifications, then you need to take control of them and stop them from distracting you.

Here are some of the steps that you can take to stay away from the distractions of the Android notifications on your phone.

  • You will be having a lot many applications downloaded on your Pc, you can have them as long as your storage allows, but to keep them away from distracting you, you should disable the promotional notifications for applications like Amazon, Paytm, PhonPe, and many other apps. To do this you will need to head to the settings of the each and every application individually. Go to your phone settings, then head to Notifications and then select the particular application that you wish turn off the notifications for and then turn off notifications individually for all the applications
  • Disable notifications for your social media applications as that will be the most distracting thing for an android user. Disable notifications by going to the Settings>Notifications, then select the application and turn off notifications. Reduce your enthusiasm about knowing the number of likes that your picture has got
  • Even you can set smart filters for emails that you will get notifications of emails that you have set as important. Not all the promotional bank emails, and other website emails need your immediate attention, so stay away from them by using smart filters in email
  • You can also make use of the do not disturb mode on your device instead of keeping your phone in silent and set some custom exceptions to receive important emails, calls, messages and all

Try using these tips and set up your device settings accordingly and stay away from these distractions.

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