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Remove Unnecessary Elements From A Photograph With The Healing Tool

Sometimes we would like to do some simple editing to the photo. But not every one of us is an expert in photo editing still we would like to impress others with our editing skills. Don't worry you don't have to learn Photoshop or Lightroom to present your editing skills in front of your friends. We are now going to introduce you to a simple healing tool using which you can remove any unwanted things from a photograph.

You might have heard of the Snapseed application and it is a popular application these days among selfie addicts. The Snapseed android app has a healing tool inside it which anyone can use almost perfectly with osm simple startup guidance and that is what we are going to give you now.

  • First of all, download the Snapseed application from the Android play store
  • Now, open the picture that you wish to edit with the Snapseed edit, now select the healing tool from the list of the tools available on the screen
  • This healing tool can be used on images containing similar patterns and colors as it clones the nearby pixels and makes the image look nice
  • You just drag your finger on the pixels on that particular part of the image which you wish to heal and also you need to double on the section that you need to use as a perfect cloning section

Thus it is this way you can remove the pixels from the image that you think are the unwanted ones in that photo and save that image file after you remove it.

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