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Bird Counting carries out at Wadhwana Lake

Counting will be done by Special Protocol of Bombay Natural History Society

There is a famous saying "Every Bird Counts", which means every bird is valuable to environment and nature. Famous wet land Vadhvana lake famous for its migratory birds attraction is going to witness the bird counting exercise by the Wildlife Department of Forest Department at Vadodara. This year is special for the exercise as the counting will be done by Special Protocol of Bombay Natural History Society.

Though bird counting is an exercise been practiced every year for them, necessary precautions and preparations have been issued this year to ensure the work is done properly under the guidance ofDFODr. Dhawal Gadhavi. The tourists are requested for not visiting Wadhwana on Saturday, 4thof January as bird counting will be carried out on the same day.

According to forests department, currently there are around 60k migrated birds in Vadhvana enjoying the winter warmth there. This bird counting is useful as it helps in maintaining better bird management and gather useful information for wetland landscapes.

This year the bird counting is considered special as it is been practiced by following the special protocol and methodology of the BHNS, whose name is associated with 'Birdman of India', Salim Ali, one of country's most renowned ornithologist. Last year this counting was done under the supervision of the BHNS, but this is for the first time BHNS has joined in as contributors for the same. Organizations working for welfare of the birds in the city as well as Vadodara district are also joining hands for the counting.

Giving information about the bird counting Dr.Dhawal Gadhavi said total 11 teams are formed consisting of 4 members each for the task. The lake area has been divided into seven zones and every zone been assigned to one team for ease of calculation. Apart from lake the birds also resides in muddy areas around and therfore those areas have also been divided into four zones and covered in for the counting.

The counting of birds would be done in three sessions starting with first session between 6 to 10 in the morning followed by second session between 4 to 6 in the evening. While experts have also been appointed to exercise the bird counting in the noon time.

Dr. Dhawal Gadhvi has made special requests to the tourists to support them by avoiding to visit the Wadhwana lake on coming Saturday, so that disturbance can be avoided for better calculation of birds counting there.

At one time Vadodara was consider as one of the district rich in forests and nature in the state and after the formation of Chhotaudepur district most of the forests went there. However Vadodara district is still having Vadhvana lake famous for its migratory birds attraction. The lake gets recognition as the Wetland of National Importance in 2005.

Located at 10 kms from Dabhoi the place is water source for the nearby villages but most importantly popular for bird watching site. The place is home to various species of exotic birds comes every year in big numbers. Species like storks, terns, geese, ducks, ibis, flamingos and spoonbills are treat to watch there.

Built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III the lake is the second largest in Gujarat known as wetland and also Eco tourism campsite. The best time to visit the wetland is from October to March as that is the main migratory seasons for birds which migrate here from all over the world.

Spread at 10.38 square kilometer the Vadvana wetland gets the recognition of ‘Wetland of National Importance’ due to its importance and unmatched environmental value. The water of the lake is used for supply water to nearby 22 villages for irrigation on 17000 hectares area. The presence of birds at the lake also has its own importance as for the last 15 years or so there is no loss in the agriculture as the birds feed on the insects dangerous for crops and becomes saviours.

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