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Vadodara's students awarded for making Khadi a fashionable & economically sustainable trend of today

Students of design from Parul University's was awarded for making Khadi a fashionable and economically sustainable trend of today. The students made a complete display of their unique practical exposure to artistry and creative innovation by showcasing some of the most sustainable designs which were not only fashionable but economical.

Promoting the traditional essence and national significance of Khadi as a sustainable solution for the growth, not only of the fashion industry but of the economy as a whole has been one of the main focus areas of the Indian fashion industry today. It was inline with this agenda that the Khadi Design Council of India, hosted the recently held National Designer Awards.

Furthering their practical exposure by engaging with the fashion world and making their mark on the threads of this national fabric, the students of Parul University's Institute of Design, participated and won the award for Best Khadi Concept. The students made a complete display of their unique practical exposure to artistry and creative innovation, by showcasing some of the most sustainable designs, which were not only fashionable, but economical.

With over 100 participating designers showcasing over 400 garments, the finest artists of India came together under this national platform to innovate and visualise ways in which khadi could be developed into a global fabric through exports.

It was on this platform where 3 students of Parul University namely Krima Patel, Nitya Dixit and Yukta Mehta showcased 23 of their garments which resulted in their victory during the event. The design featured a perfect blend of both the western and indian couture which brought an essence of the much needed cultural integration in this global era. The designs were inspired by an ancient Japanese fashion, based on the ancient culture and western civilization, stitched together in a minimalistic way. The other theme was based on a conceptualisation of India's metro life.

The event featured some of the most prominent figures in India's fashion Industry, who were acting as judges all throughout the competitions. These include Dr. Ela Dedhia, President Textile Association of India, Raju Bhatia, Fashion Consultant , Paromita Banerjee, fashion Designer and member of FDCI, amongst others. As the highlighting figures, the event featured two of India's renowned fashion trendsetters known for their quintessential touch to fashion, Anju Modi and Ruma Devi. Devi recently visited the Parul University for one of the PUTalk events to deliver a lecture for the students.

"I am so grateful to have been able to get the opportunity to stand on such a grand platform and showcase our designs with the insights from such significant pillars of the fashion industry. I am thankful that Parul University continues to entrust us with such vital practical exposure,” said Krima.

In addition to the design students winning an award, Professor Palak Patel, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Design was also awarded for her efforts in mentoring the students towards their victory.

"The students of design, have been continuously bringing pride to the University, not only by taking part in these competitions, but by also innovating sustainable solutions to impact the fashion industry. This is the nature of the kind of education we impart within our students, the kind of education which allows them to actively participate in the solving of real time concerns within their distinct disciplines of study," said University's President, Dr Devanshu J Patel.

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