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WATCH: Adelaide Strikers' Jake Weatherald run out at both ends during BBL clash against Sydney Thunder

One at the striker's end, one at the non-striker's end, Adelaide Strikers opener Jake Weatherald found himself short of the crease at both ends in a bizarre dismissal during a BigBash League (BBL) match against Sydney Thunder on Sunday.

The 10th over of the first innings saw Philip Salt hit the ball back towards the bowler, Chris Green. The ball deflected off Green's left hand and hit the stumps with Weatherald short of his ground.

In real-time, however, Salt called Weatherald over for a single while the latter was ball-watching. Eventually, Weatherald found himself short at the striker's end too as wicket-keeper Sam Billings broke the stumps.

However, the batsman cannot be ruled out twice on one ball and hence the first dismissal - at the non-striker's end - stood and Weatherald walked back to the pavilion.


At one point of the match, both batsmen were at the same end before Weatherald caught up with the action and sprinted towards the other.

"Weatherald, what's he doing?" the commentator was heard on-air, followed by "terrible running."

The run-out decision was referred to the third umpire and replays showed that Weatherald's bat was in the air the moment the stumps broke at the non-striker's end.

However, had he been safe at this end he would have been ruled out at the other. Replays also showed that Weatherald hadn't made his ground at the striker's end either.

The commotion ended as "OUT" flashed on the big screen and the batsman was dismissed for 31 runs.

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