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    End of Social Media? Trump to ban Twitter ?

    On 26th May Twitter red flagged President Donald Trump's social media post regarding mail-in ballots as unsubstantiated. The tweet stated, "There is NO WAY (ZERO) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent." Soon Twitter tagged Trump's tweet with a fact-checking warning. The platform said that move was to stop the spread of misinformation. Trump has...

    • 5 hrs ago
  • Politics

    Suffering to Continue, Lockdown 5.0 is Coming?

    Coronavirus cases have seen a sharp rise this week. With over 6500 cases every day, the number of infections and death due to the virus are reaching an all time high. India landed itself at the tenth position in the list of countries that are worst affected by the coronavirus. Ever since the lockdown has been eased, the country has witnessed skyrocketing numbers in coronavirus cases. However,...

    • 7 hrs ago
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    5 Reasons that show the Modi Regime is losing control of the COVID-19 crisis

    While the Modi Government appears to be enjoying high support amongst voters for their handling of the COVID, this support is eroding. On Google for example, search for the PM which was averaging at double the levels before COVID-19 is now back to just 50% higher. On CrowdWisdom360 where the crowd had rated the PM's performance on COVID-19 at 84 is now down to 78....

    • 10 hrs ago
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    China's neck tightens with US passing a Sanctions bill

    China has placed close to 1 million of its minorities in detention camps Today, the US congress passed a sanctions bill against these detentions. The Bill asks the President to put together a list of Chinese Government officials involved in the detentions. The US Government would then target sanctions against these individuals. Iranian and Korean officials already suffer from such...

    • 11 hrs ago
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    Has Amphan finally signalled the end of Mamata regime?

    8 districts were affected by Amphan - South 24 Parganas, East Midnapore, North 24 Parganas, West Midnapore, Howrah, Hooghly, East Burdwan and Kolkata. A week after Cyclone hit Bengal, some parts of Bengal are still missing electricity, water, internet, fallen trees and cable links. Not just that 86 people were killed, More than 10 lakh homes were damaged leaving some 4-5 million homeless...

    • 12 hrs ago
  • Politics

    What is your Narendra Modi IQ?

    We asked 12 questions on Narendra Modi. The overall accuracy was just 46% which means that many Indians still don't have a good idea about the PM. People performed well on recent history not so much on questions that were related to information that is 5 years or older. Which were the questions with the highest accuracy? 79% Accuracy, The Houston Event of PM Modi was called? Howdy Modi 69% Accuracy,...

    • 22 hrs ago
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    2nd HIV+ Patient Recovers: News We Missed Amid COVID-19 Crisis

    1. Putin could rule for life as Russian parliament gives it a green light After four terms in the office, Putin is set to be President for life, as he said that he would approve changes in the constitution that would allow Vladimir Putin to stay in power as President till 2036. Currently, without any new changes, his term will end in 2024. Second HIV patient cured in London. 2....

    • yesterday
  • Politics

    United States to Recognise Tibet as Independent Nation?

    US House Representative, Scott Perry introduce a bill in US Congress that authorizes US President Donald Trump to recognise Tibet as an independent Nation. Scott Perry who is a Republican from Pennsylvania introduced similar bill in the US Congress to recognise Chinese ruled Hongkong as an independent country. Amid the Coronavirus crisis, the US-China relation has hit a new low. US...

    • yesterday
  • Politics

    Why Yogi will find it difficult to do magic in Uttar Pradesh

    The UP Economy has been struggling for many years now. In 1996-97, UP's per capita GDP was Rs 7476, Odisha's per capita GDP was Rs 6548 In 2016-17, UP's per capita GDP was Rs 50942, Odisha's per capita GDP was Rs 77311 In fact, even in the last one year Uttar Pradesh has been struggling. When it comes to State revenue growth, it was ranked 11th amongst all...

    • yesterday
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    COVID-19: NDA State Governments performed better than others

    On death rate, we find NDA Governments (only states with > 10 million population were considered) performed better than other parties. NDA has many top performing States but Top 2 are UPA ruled Amongst the top 10 States with the lowest death rate, NDA had 6 State Governments, UPA-2 and Other Parties - 2. The best performing State was Chhattisgarh. It hasn't reported a single...

    • 2 days ago