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Conversion factory of Kerala that wants India to be an Islamic state

Kerala Conversion factory: A non-governmental organization of Kerala Popular Front of India has been accused of running a kerala conversion factory where large number of non Muslims are indoctrinated and converted to Islam, reports said. The NGO has since long time denied the accusation leveled against it by saffron groups but an expose by a national news channel on the staff members of the NGO has proven the allegations.

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India Today has reported that the PFI, already under NIA investigation, is accused of brainwashing Hindu women and marrying them off to Muslim men. "All these allegations are baseless," claimed Zainaba A.S., the head of the group's woman wing, on Monday, responding to accusations that she "mentored" non-Muslim women into conversions.
She is suspected of playing a key role in what has come to be known as Kerala's own love-jihad case - the marriage between Hadiya, previously known by her Hindu name as Akhila Asokan, with Shafin Jahan. In May, the state high court annulled their matrimony after the woman's father challenged it as an act of forcible conversion for terror recruitment. The couple's appeal is now being heard by the Supreme Court.

"I contacted Hadiya only after she came to (the PFI's sister organisation) Sathya Sarani for admission. Actually, she embraced Islam two years before. In 2013, she embraced Islam," insisted Zainaba on Monday. "It's no love-jihad (but) an arranged marriage." Kerala Conversion factory that wants India to be an Islamic state.

But before Zainaba issued this denial relating to one high-profile case, she had already shared the PFI's dark secrets with India Today's undercover reporters. "(In) That institute of ours. around 5,000 people have converted to Islam over the past 10 years now," Zainaba revealed. They, she admitted, included both Hindus and Christians.

Conversions, an emotive issue in Kerala, are banned in Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha if carried out through force or allurement. Recently, Jharkhand's assembly also passed an anti-conversion bill recently.
At their home in Malappuram, Zainaba and her husband, Ali, spoke candidly about their involvement in proselytising several non-Muslim women into Islam. "We had a schoolteacher with us.

She was a M.Sc. in mathematics and B.Ed," said Ali. "Now she's converted to Islam. She converted four years ago," added Zainaba.

"Did you proselytize her?" the reporter probed.
"Yes," confirmed the PFI's woman leader. "Four years ago." The converted woman was previously called Shubha, Zainaba disclosed. "She's now Fatima." "How many non-Muslims have you proselytized?" the reporter asked.

"There are many," replied Zainaba.
Further, Zainaba revealed how the PFI outsourced name-change certificates after converting inmates. "There are two ways. Getting a certificate from some institutes that such and such person has embraced Islam.

Then there's another system of having it notarized on a declared affidavit," she said.

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