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Know how Sikkim became part of India

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Tension on the border between India and China in Doklam area is at its peak. Despite China's threats, India has made it clear that it will neither ask its troops to retreat nor will China allow the road in this area. This is not the first time that China has given such threat to Sikkim.Indeed, China has been incensed by Sikkim becoming a part of India. This thing is also not hidden from anyone that China has been possessing a large section of Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from this, it has been raising his right over the area of ​​Sikkim. However, due to the presence of both forces in this area today, the fear of war has increased.

In fact, after the war in China in 1962, India was worried about the fact that China's eyes were on its borders and wanted to capture a large part of India. If there was talk of the North Eastern states then India seemed to have felt that the area near the Koghi valley, which is called 'Siliguri Nek', is about 21 miles. India felt that this area is very sensitive, because China can easily infiltrate into India.

Sikkim was ruled by Chogyal at that time, who had married American girl Hope Cook. Unfortunately, Hope Cook was less versatile to Chogyal and more loyal to America. He always wanted that Sikkim remained a complete nation, for this, he used to work to provoke Chogyal. Cook believed that the US would definitely accompany him on this issue.

But that did not happen. When Chogyal was the most needed she betrayed Chogyal and went to America with expensive possessions.
The day of April 6, 1975, was quite large for Indian history, when Sikkim was inducted in India. Simultaneously Sikkim's status as an independent nation was also over.

Before joining in India, Chogyal was ruled by Sikkim. The credit for the merger of Sikkim peacefully in India goes to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Let us tell you Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also tried to join Sikkim in India. But in 1947 it was rejected in a referendum on this subject.

After this Nehru gave Sikkim the status of protected state. Under this India became the patron of Sikkim and India has taken responsibility for all matters related to foreign diplomatic and contact related to Sikkim.
On April 23, 1975, a constitution amendment bill was introduced to make Sikkim the 22nd state of India in the Lok Sabha, which was passed from 299-11 votes. The bill passed on April 26 in the Rajya Sabha and on May 15, 1975, President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed signed the bill.

On May 16, 1975 Sikkim formally became the 22nd state of the Indian Republic. Simultaneously, Sikkim became part of India, whereas the rule of the Namgyal dynasty ended forever. Chogyal died from cancer in 1982.

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