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How to stay Cyber Secure in daily life?
By.Mr Hrithik lal(Chief Technical Officer- IEM Labs)
The word cyber originates from the Greek word "Kubernetes". As soon as we become acquainted with the computer world, we become familiar with the word "Cyber". Computers and everything related to it are associated with this word. As the modernity of this great creation of science "computer" has increased, so have we and so has the cycle of crime and fraud in the cyber world. Since it is within the reach of people from eight to eighty, various kinds of fraudsters have spread their trap in the cyber world. If you are little unconscious from side to side, you can also fall into that trap. So, in this cyber world we will know in a little detail how to protect yourself, what to do and what not -

- "Cyber" means anything related to computer and "security" means the process to be secured. So, the method of protection from anything related to computer is called cyber security. Here are some tips to help you avoid cybercrime or fraud -

1. Safe Browsing -
Mobile or computer or any technology of daily life are incomplete without idle internet. And safe browsing is important enough to protect yourself and all your information in this net media. First of all, it is important to use an authentic browser. Browsing through a pirated application or software is an open threat to your computer or device. Criminals know that people are more attracted to tempting ads, so if you accidentally click on one of the ads scattered across the browser and enter any information, you will fall into the trap of being cheated by them . Sometimes malware can enter your device through these pirated links. So, start doing Safe Browsing today.

2. Keep all your information private and secure -

Different people are working in different fields in daily life. Information in all those fields are also different. Therefore, everyone should take responsibility for keeping all their information private and secure so that your information does not reach the hands of any third party. Any organization carries your basic professional data at work, but it is never should be the part of your personal secure data. Whenever you see, an organization is demanding to have any of your personal data (like OTP’s, Passwords and Pins) move away immediately and report it to the appropriate authority.

3. Strong and varieties of passwords -
Passwords are applied to everything, everywhere today. Use the password on any application on your device or on any special site that holds your personal information. Cyber hackers often try to crack passwords by your name, date of birth, date, etc., so avoid these points when giving your own password. Keep passwords that only you know and no one else can guess and use variety of passwords. In other words, to open the computer, use one kind of password and another password in the mail. This way, the variety of passwords will protect you a lot in case of cybercrime.
There are also other points that must be met, such as -
A. Don't trust any unknown person through online dating sites.
B. Only shop from the online trusted sites.
C. Not downloading any pirated software or operating system on the device decreases the chances of malware attack.
Protect yourself in this world of technology, be aware.


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