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3 FinTech startups using tech to change the way banking happens in India

Over the last few years, there has been a boom in the number of FinTech startups in India. With technology growing day by day, companies have had to upgrade their tech in order to stay in the race and improve the experience for their customers. Check out these FinTech startups who have embraced technology and are blending it innovatively with their businesses to transform the way banking is done in India while improving the user experience for their customers.

Enabling Banking as a service

As one of the fastest-growing Fintech companies in South East Asia, MatchMove uses the fastest growing technology, Artificial Intelligence to enhance the user experience, assess credit risk and creditworthiness, etc. With the help of their recently launched product Lightspeed, businesses can now have their own customized payment app in 3 days making MatchMove a leader in revolutionizing the digital payments and banking space in India.

Blending a variety of tech to ensure higher approval rates and improved sourcing

With an AI-based online algorithm that matches its massive consumer data with the credit policies from various financial institutions, Rubique's matchmaking system ensures higher approval rates and improved sourcing. The blend of AI and data science used makes it a pioneer in changing banking in India through technology.

Making household expenses management easier for first time internet users

India being a country with a largely suburban and rural population with numerous first time internet users, an app that helps these first timers manage their household expenses would be widely appreciated by the target customer base. is an app that does exactly the same. The app uses AI to enable online transactions for customers to manage their household expenses and mostly focuses on the first time internet users and the non English speakers.

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