Saturday, 27 May, 5.22 am

Article 370 must be removed from J&K: Flat No 211 director Sunil Sanjan

Mumbai: Filmmaker Sunil Sanjan, who comes from Jammu & Kashmir, is going to debut in Bollywood as a director with the film 'Flat 211'. Sunil believes that Article 370 on the state should be removed now.

Keeping his point with great seriousness on the difficulties being faced due to the existence of 'Article 370' in Jammu & Kashmir, Sunil said, "I have grown up in Jammu & Kashmir, I am fully aware of the difficulties of this region. Due to Article 370, the outside industry can not come in our state. Due to Article 370, no industry can be made there. Due to this, the outside industry can not buy any land there; no company can come there and invest. If there is no investment of multinational companies, then there will not be any possibilities of employment."

Sunil went ahead and said that there is no such thing in the world as is being said about Jammu and Kashmir now.

"In the media it is shown that there is a fire everywhere in Kashmir, but when you go to Kashmir yourself and you travel there, you will not find a single corner where there is a fire. There are some people in a very small number who try to create trouble there and make small incidents. The name of Jammu & Kashmir is poor now only because of this. No multinational company shows any interest there," Sunil said.

Sunil thinks that Article 370 should be canceled so that the path of development can be opened.

"I personally want that Article 370 should be removed there. Not just me but the people of Jammu and Kashmir, with their heavy majority, want that there should be the removal of Article 370. If that happens then Noida and Bangalore Like cities, multinational companies will come in Jammu and Kashmir and invest and the youth will get jobs and the state will develop," Sunil said.

Actually, Article 370, under the Indian constitution, is a law that does not allow citizens outside the state to buy land there, due to which there is a very little investment. On this, Sunil goes forward and says, "I believe that, according to the condition of 50 years ago, it would probably be the right decision to put Article 370. But now things have changed, and according to today's situation, there is no need for Article 370. I am from Jammu and Kashmir, I am a young man and due to this law, there were a lot of problems for me. Eventually I had to go away from my own state and family in search of employment. I may have definitely managed to stabilize myself in some way, but whenever I think about the present condition of my friends there, it gives me pain. They need correct guidance."

Sunil's film 'Flat 211' is being released in cinemas on June 02.