Monday, 19 Aug, 2.39 am Deccan Chronicle

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Digit SQUAD Tech Day hosts the biggest tech influencers gathering in India

Digit SQUAD today hosted the country's biggest gathering of tech enthusiast and micro-influencers at the power-packed Mumbai edition of 'Digit SQUAD Tech Day.' All the latest gaming gadgets were showcased in this exclusive event curated for India's top tech gurus and micro-influencers.

In a bid to help small tech companies grow their business, #IndiaProject was launched by Digit to empower the Indian Tech Entrepreneurs by offering them free advertising and brand promotion pages in their online and offline properties.

Digit SQUAD Tech Day is the only event series in the country designed specifically to provide a platform for today's leading consumer technology brands and hottest startups to engage with technology enthusiasts face-to-face and leverage their viral power to generate buzz and excitement for their new products. The Tech Day saw dedicated display zones for gamers and fierce competitions took place as the tech-lovers battled each other in their favourite virtual gaming arena.

TopCompanies such as Sony, Intel, OnePlus, Samsung and Asus along with Nvidia, AMD andmany others offered their freshest top-line gadgets for the Digit SQUAD community who in turn shared their experience live to their thousands of followers and subscribers. The country's top tech bloggers, Youtubers, Instagram Influencers engaged with an exciting mix of gaming consoles, OLED TVs, smartphones, desktops, laptops, PC accessories and more.

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