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FASTags to be mandatory for TS state highways from March

Hyderabad: FASTags are all set to be made mandatory on Telangana state highways too soon. As of now, they are mandatory only on national highways. However, FASTags are in force since March 2019 on the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road.

The Telangana state government has initiated steps to make FASTags mandatory on state highways from March. The government plans to initially make them compulsory on the Rajiv Rahadari between Hyderabad and Ramagundam in March. Later, it would be extended between Narketpally-Addanki in April.

However, an official announcement on the date of launching FASTags on state highways is likely to be made in a week. It may be recalled that the Centre made electronic toll collection system for FASTags mandatory for all vehicles from February 15.

It was noticed during the past ten days on national highways passing through Telangana that FASTags are helping in seamless collection of toll tax, without the need of stopping at toll plazas. The use of RFID technology is helping in collecting taxes without the need of handling cash by toll booth employees and reducing waiting time in toll booths.

It also stopped unnecessary queuing at toll booths, although teething problems continue to create hardships for motorists at few toll plazas. Taking these factors into consideration, the Telangana government has decided to introduce FASTags on state highways soon.

The roads and buildings department has initiated steps to launch FASTags in March and April. Roads and buildings minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy held a series of meetings with senior officials of the department in this regard over the past few days.

'Mandatory FASTags on national highways since February 15 has proved to be a success. Over 85 per cent of vehicles passing through toll plazas have installed FASTags. There are no traffic jams at toll plazas now. Motorists are relived. Since we received good feedback, we want to extend FASTags to state highways soon. If all goes well as planned, FASTags will be implemented from March on state highways,' said Mr Reddy.

The initiative will be launched first at three toll plazas (Duddeda, Renikunta, Basanthnagar) on Rajiv Rahadari. Later, it will be implemented at toll plaze in Madgulapally between Narketpally and Addanki.

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