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State land is intact, says K Chandrasekhar Rao

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao in a statement issued on Tuesday said that not a single inch of government land has been lost in the recently unearthed land deals in Miyapur and other places in the city and surroundings, and the so-called registrations made in favour of private parties are null and void.

In a late night statement, the Chief Minister said he has received the preliminary inquiry report into all land deals in Miyapur, Ibrahimpatnam, Shamshabad, Balanagar and other areas, and has found that there is no scam nor has the government lost revenue, nor has government land been given to private individuals or firms. He said the state government will submit a detailed report to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on all these illegal registrations, including the non-validity of jagir lands in the name of private persons.

Refusing to order a CBI inquiry as demanded by the Opposition, he said it was found that certain persons had committed irregularities. He said some persons tried to get rights over old jagir lands by getting GPA, and illegally registered them in order to defend its cases pending in various courts.

It is not possible to get government land registered in the name of private persons, and even if such registration happened, it would be null and void and have no legal sanctity, the Chief Minister said.

He said an inquiry is still going on to find out how these registrations were made with the connivance of registration officials of the said areas.

Jagir land in state possession, says KCR
According to the preliminary report of the Miyapur case, for the 810 acres of government land, registrars of the respective areas have transferred the litigation rights in favour of certain private persons and it was not transfer of lands nor was the land registered in the name of private individuals.

"Had it been for transfer of land registration, the cost would have been `415 crore, but they have paid only `60 lakh for the sake of registration charges which itself is not valid. It should always be registration of land under Immovable property in Book No 1, but in this case it was done under movable property category in Book No 4, hence the whole transaction is not valid," the Chief Minister said.

Certain persons, whose earlier contentions in various courts, including the High Court, were dismissed, went to the Supreme Court and in order to get a favourable judgement, they tried here and managed registration officials and got lands registered.

"We cancelled the whole registration done under Book No 4 and took action against the errant registrar, hence there is no loss to government either in land or revenue and government notified the lands categorising them as government land and issued circular to all concerned. There is no question of private persons getting any favourable judgment now. The same modus operandi was done even in the lands under Balanagar sub-registrar's office. They have only mentioned Miyapur and seven villages in the document but not mentioned the villages' names and extent of lands and survey numbers. Government cancelled these registrations also," Mr Chandrasekhar Rao said.

He said jagir lands are no more in existence or valid; all the jagir lands came into the government's possession long back.

The Chief Minister said the government will submit a detailed note to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court giving details of all jagir lands and disputes so that during its hearing on the pending cases it would be considered favourably.

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