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India belongs to hinterland: Arundhati

'One feels so small when compared to the achievements of the people being celebrated today,' said Arundathi Nag, a known name in the Indian theatre, speaking at DH's '20 Changemakers' event.

The veteran thespian lauded the changemakers series not only for its inclusivity. but for shining a spotlight on 22 people doing critically important work in society today.

'This is the kind of programme that justifies at least coming on stage,' she said.

To the winners, she added: 'Anything we can do, please let us know. I represent Ranga Shankara It is a small theatre. It is a 800-seat auditorium in Bengaluru. If we can talk about your work to our audiences because of you, we would be very happy.'

However, Nag also pointed out that the 'tough times' that the country lives in makes it even more important for the voter state to stand by the truth.

'What is nice is that Deccan Herald has really been able to sieve, not just Bengaluru-centric people. We have people from all different parts of Karnataka and that speaks volumes. I think we have had enough of this A-city hegemony,' she said.

'I have lived in Delhi, in Mumbai and in Bengaluru. So, one really knows how myopic we can become in the comfort of living in these big cities and forget that India really belongs to the hinterland.

So if all of us living in big Bangalore can look back and look in our backyard and see if we can do something more in the development sphere, people will stop blaming the government,' she added.

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