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India suffered due to 'one ideology', says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said India has suffered "huge losses" in past seventy years because of "one ideology" ruling the minds of the people keeping them "cut off" from the country's rich history and legacies from the past.

"Hindustan (India)' is still stuck with an idea which disapproves our ancient glory. It is unfortunate. Such a mindset should have changed in last 70 years. Such a cut off that we continue to have today has caused huge losses to the us," he said.

He was addressing an event organised to inaugurate a new building, 'Dharohar Bhavan (Heritage House)' constructed to house the headquarters of the Archeological Survey of India.

The prime minister's remark was seen as an attack on the Left-liberal ideology of Congress.

To bring change in the "mindset" of the people, he suggested various departments under his government to find ways to make people understand the importance of India's rich heritage and history "which have always drawn the attention of the people from different parts of the world."

He made a strong pitch for involving senior citizens, youth and school children in the protection and preservation of the country's rich history and heritage.

He suggested for starting senior citizens clubs which could take care of the important historical sites and monuments spread across the country.

The prime minister said that there was time when people rejected the existence of Saraswati River, calling it a myth.

"But space technology is today showing the way, saying that it (Saraswati River) is not a myth. It actually existed," he added.

Modi also suggested various departments under his government to identify 100 cities in the country, which are "precious" from the historical point of view, and introduce chapters on the history of these cities in their respective school curriculum in coordination with the respective states so that children grow up knowing about their history

"If the syllabus of schools in Agra has entire story of Taj Mahal, there will never be any dilution or diversion," he said.

The prime minister also suggested for roll out of online certificate courses on the local history of such 100 cities, particularly for the youth, to produce "best quality" tourist guides.