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Modi in US Live: PM addresses the UNGA

PM Modi and President Joe Biden held bilateral talks in the White House on September 24, where they stressed the importance of the countries' coordination. The leaders discussed a wide range of priority issues, including combating Covid-19 and climate change, economic cooperation as well as Afghanistan. PM Modi is in New York today to address the UNGA. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    PM Modi's speech live

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    Modi, Biden express 'deep pride' on close cooperation between India, US to fight Covid pandemic

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden have expressed "deep pride" and appreciation about their nations' close cooperation to fight the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, as they noted that all sections of the society were mobilised in unprecedented ways to share emergency relief supplies during each country's times of need.

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    Biden reiterates US support for India's permanent seat in UNSC, entry into NSG

    US President Joe Biden has reiterated America's support for India's permanent membership on a reformed United Nations Security Council and its entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group during his first in-person bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House.

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    India, US 'looking forward' to reconvening trade policy forum this year

    India and the US are looking "forward" to reconvening the India-US Trade Policy Forum before the end of 2021 with an aim to enhance the bilateral relationship by addressing trade concerns, said an official joint statement.

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    US reaffirms 'unwavering commitment' to India as Major Defence Partner

    US President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his "unwavering commitment" to India as a Major Defence Partner through close engagements, including information sharing and strengthening cooperation in advanced military technologies.

    During the first-ever in person bilateral meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister NarendraModiat the White House on Friday, they also welcomed the deepening of advanced industrial cooperation and noted the recent project to co-develop air-launched unmanned aerial vehicles under the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative, and encouraged more such joint efforts.


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    US, India call for a swift return of democracy in Myanmar

    Taking a firm stand against the coup in Myanmar, the US and India have called for a swift return to democracy in the country, an end to the use of violence and release of all political detainees.

    In a Joint Statement issued following the first face-to-face bilateral meeting between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister NarendraModiat the White House on Friday, the two leaders also called for the urgent implementation of the ASEAN Five Point consensus on Myanmar.


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    US, India affirm to promote shared interests in Indo-Pacific region and beyond

    President Joe Biden and Prime Minister NarendraModihave welcomed increased cooperation between the US and India under the Quad grouping, including in the multilateral domain given their shared vision of a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region with respect to territorial integrity and sovereignty, and international law.


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    India, US looking forward to reconvening trade policy forum this year

    US President Joseph R Biden welcomed India's Prime Minister NarendraModito the White House on Friday for their first in-person Leaders' engagement, renewing their close relationship and charting a new course to advance the partnership between the world's largest democracies.


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    Quad leaders pledge to ensure 'free' and 'inclusive' Indo-Pacific

    The Quad leaders have pledged to ensure a "free and open" Indo-Pacific, which is also "inclusive and resilient", as they noted that the strategically vital region, witnessing China's growing military manoeuvring, is a bedrock of their shared security and prosperity.

    The Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue comprises India, the US, Japan and Australia.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison, Japanese premier Yoshihide Suga and US President Joe Biden after their first in-person Quad summit on Friday described it as an opportunity to refocus themselves and the world on the Indo-Pacific and on our vision for what they hope to achieve. (PTI)

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    Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, PM Narendra Modi, President Joe Biden and Australia PM Scott Morrison at the White House

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    US lawmakers welcome Biden's first bilateral meeting with Modi, Quad summit

    Top American lawmakers have welcomed the first bilateral meeting between Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the maiden in-person Quad summit hosted by the US President to enhance America's cooperation with its allies to ensure security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

    'Glad to see that President Biden held a bilateral meeting with PM Modi to strengthen US India relations,' Congressman Frank Pallone said. (PTI)

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    Quad leaders denounce use of 'terrorist proxies' in South Asia

    Leaders of the Quad countries -- the US, India, Australia and Japan -- have denounced the use of "terrorist proxies" in South Asia, in a veiled reference to Pakistan, as they emphasised the importance of denying any support to terrorist groups which could be used to launch or plan terror attacks, including cross-border attacks.

    In a joint statement issued after their first in-person Quad summit at the White House on Friday, US President Joe Biden, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japanese premier Yoshihide Suga and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison said they will closely coordinate their diplomatic, economic and human-rights policies towards Afghanistan and will deepen their counter-terrorism and humanitarian cooperation in South Asia.

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    Pakistan is 'arsonist' disguising itself as 'fire-fighter': India's strong Right of Reply at UNGA

    Pakistan, where terrorists enjoy free pass, is an "arsonist" disguising itself as a "fire-fighter", and the entire world has suffered because of its policies as the country nurtures terrorists in its backyard, India has said in a blistering retort after Prime Minister Imran Khan raked up the issue of Kashmir in his address to the UN General Assembly.

    "We exercise our Right of Reply to one more attempt by the leader of Pakistan to tarnish the image of this august Forum by bringing in matters internal to my country, and going so far as to spew falsehoods on the world stage,' First Secretary Sneha Dubey said in the UN General Assembly on Friday. (PTI)

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    Pakistan is globally recognised for openly supporting and arming terrorists. The country holds the ignoble record of hosting the largest number of terrorists proscribed by the UNSC.Osama Bin Laden got shelter in Pakistan. Even today, Pakistan leadership glorify him as "martyr".We keep hearing Pakistan is "victim of terrorism". It is a country which is an arsonist disguising itself as fire-fighter.Pakistan nurtures terrorists in its backyard in the hope that they will only harm its neighbours: India's Right to Reply at UNGA

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    India tells Quad will allow export of 8 mln Indo-Pacific vaccine doses

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi told fellow leaders of the Quad partnership on Friday India will allow the export of 8 million Covid-19 vaccines by end of October in line with a deal reached by the grouping of Australia, India, Japan and the United States in March, India's foreign secretary said on Friday.

    A plan reached by the Quad earlier this year to supply a billion Covid-19 shots across Asia by the end of 2022 stalled after India, the world's largest vaccine producer, banned exports in April amid a massive Covidoutbreak at home. (Reuters)

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    Modi flew to New York from Washington after holding his first bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden in the Oval Office of the White House and attended his first in-person Quad summit on Friday.

    The prime minister and his counterparts - Scott Morrison of Australia and Japan's Yoshihide Suga - attended the meeting of Quad leaders hosted by US President Biden in Washington.

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    PM Modi reaches New York, greets people

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    India will be using its right of reply in response to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan's references on Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir during his UNGA speech

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    PM Modi leaves for New York, to address 76th UNGA session tomorrow

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    At Quad's request, PM Modi said India would make available 8 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine, manufactured in India by Biological E. This would be ready by October end & compatible with our decision to resume vaccine export:Foreign Secy Harsh Vardhan Shringla (ANI)

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    US Vice President Kamala Harris (in file pic) to meet Quad Leaders in the Vice President's Ceremonial Office. PM Narendra Modi will not participate in this meeting.


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    First in-person Quad Leaders' Summit concludes at The White House


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    Modi gifts Biden documents to help him find out if he has relatives in India

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday presented to the United States President Joe Biden some documents, which might help the 'Leader of the Free World' find out once and for all if he really had relatives in India.

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    Our Quad vaccine initiative will greatly help the Indo-Pacific countries: PM Modi at Quad summit


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    I welcome PM Morrison,PM Modi &PM Suga to White House for Quad's in person meeting. This group has democratic partners who share world view&have common vision for future, coming together to take on key challenges of our age:US Pres Joe Biden's opening remark at Quad Leaders' Summit


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    Our Quad vaccine initiative will help Indo-Pacific nations. Quad decided to go ahead with a positive approach on basis of our shared democratic values. I'd be happy to discuss with my friends-be it supply chain,global security,climate action,Covid response or tech cooperation: PM


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    We believe in a free and open Indo-pacific because we know that is what delivers a strong and prosperous region: Australian PM Scott Morrison makes opening remarks at Quad Leaders' Summit at The White House

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Joe Biden in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday.

    Credit: PTI Photo

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    PM Modi, along with his counterparts from Australia and Japan, attends first in-person Quad leaders' summit hosted by US President Biden.


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    Modi, Biden to address stability in Indo-Pacific, Covid-19 in talks

    PM Modi and I are going to talk about what more we could do to fight COVID-19 and ensure stability in indo-pacific, says Biden.

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    Trade will be an important factor in India-US ties: Modi

    There is much to be done in trade. Trade will be an important factor in India-USA ties in the coming decade, says PM Modi.

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    U.S. President Joe Biden meets with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House in Washington.

    Credit: Reuters Photo

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    PM Modi lauds Indian-Americans for 'active contribution' to US progress

    This decade will be shaped by talent and people-to-people linkages. I am glad the Indian diaspora is making an active contribution towards USA's progress, saysPM Modi.

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    Seeds sown for stronger friendship between India and US: Modi

    Today's bilateral summit is important. We are meeting at the start of the third decade of this century. Your leadership will certainly play an important role in how this decade is shaped. The seeds have been sown for an even stronger friendship between India and USA, says PM Modi.

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    Biden taking initiatives to implement your vision for India-US relations: Modi

    I thank you for the warm welcome accorded to me & my delegation. Earlier, we had an opportunity to hold discussions, & at that time you had laid out the vision for India-US bilateral relations. Today, you are taking initiatives to implement your vision for India-US relations, says PM Modi.

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    PM Modi and US President Biden hold bilateral meeting at the Oval Office

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    Look forward to strengthening the deep ties between India, US: Biden

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    PM Modi to arrive at the White House shortly

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    Morrison, Modi agree on low emissions tech partnership, ultra low cost solar programme

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he and his Indian counterpart and "dear friend" Narendra Modi have agreed on some important new initiatives, including low emissions technology partnership and ultra low cost solar programme, which will help in further deepening the economic ties between the two countries.

    The meeting between Modi and Morrison held here on Thursday came a week after they spoke over phone and reviewed the rapid progress in the India-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, including through the recent 'two-plus-two' dialogue, and exchanged views on regional developments and the forthcoming Quad meeting to be hosted by US President Joe Biden later in the day.

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    Indo-US ties gone from strength to strength since Modi came to power: BJP

    With Prime Minister Narendra Modi set for a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden, the BJP asserted on Friday that the India-US relations have gone from strength to strength over the last seven years irrespective of the change of government in that country.

    Addressing a press conference here, BJP spokesperson and Rajya Sabha member Sudhanshu Trivedi noted that Modi will be meeting third US president as Indian prime minister and asserted that he has enjoyed same strong relations with every president and the government there irrespective of the party in power.

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    Covid-19, climate change, economic cooperation and Afghanistan on agenda of Modi-Biden talks: White House

    US President Joe Biden is looking forward to his first bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday during which they are expected to discuss a wide range of priority issues, including combating Covid-19 and climate change, economic cooperation as well as Afghanistan, according to a senior administration official.

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    In her first meeting with PM Modi, US VP Harris talks about defending democracies

    Voicing concern over the threat to democracies around the world, Vice President Kamala Harris has underscored the need to defend democratic principles and institutions in both India and the US.

    Harris made the remarks on Thursday in a joint media appearance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi before their first in-person meeting at the White House during which they decided to further cement the Indo-US strategic partnership and discussed global issues of common interest, including Afghanistan and the Indo-Pacific.

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