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A spiritual talk with Siddhaguru

A spiritual talk with Siddhaguru
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  1. Your full name.
    A. Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.
  2. What is music for you? How do you see divinity in it?
    A. Music is a divine fortune, a divine practice. There are many practices or acts that are observed in spirituality. Music is a practice regarded as Nada Yoga. Vedas call music as Samaganam. Music and its tunes have emerged from Samaveda. There are seven notes in music, ‘Sá Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni ’, which are treated as seven signs of seven chakras existed in our body. A song composed with devotion will ever shower the grace of God.

  3. Being a spiritual teacher, How do you connect music with spirituality?
    A. Music can be exploited both in material and spiritual lives. Materially, it derives money for the talent; spiritually, it gives divinity. Preferably, one should make use of music for divine.

  4. What is the source of your music?
    A. The base for everything is joy and ecstasy of mind. When music gives this ecstasy to mind, it quests to rejoice in it often. It is like having our favorite food often.

  5. Do divine songs really arouse cosmic energy in a listener?
    A. Music has the seductive power of creating momentum in every creature of this creation. It is not confined to humans only. For instance, the snake in the mound comes out running when it hears the music.

  6. How do you plan the audio? What was the key challenge?
    A. It is as difficult as constructing a house. It depends upon musical tendencies carried from previous births.

  7. Is there any music that resonates during meditation?
    A. Nadam is of two kinds. 1. Anahata Nadam 2. Atma Nadam. While the former is related to nature and Anahata Chakra, the latter is related to Nirvikalpa samadhi, which is beyond everything.

  8. What are your upcoming music plans and projects?
    A. I plan nothing. I compose only during the programs. Those tunes are related to the divine.

  9. How do you plan your days for your latest album, Navadurgas? Any credits to your team.
    A. We always credit the divine, as he himself makes us involved in composing the tunes. I always appreciate devotees who invest their time and help me in giving the output.

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