June 19th marks the first anniversary of Regan Russell's violent death.

25 Jun 2021.11:55 PM

Regan had been an animal advocate since 1979, attended vigils weekly for years, and cared deeply about justice for animals, racial justice, and protecting the vulnerable.

10,000 pigs are killed at the Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington every day. Toronto Pig Save activists have been holding regular vigils outside Fearmans since 2011 and call for Fearmans to switch to a plant-based facility.

A long-time social justice activist, and animal advocate since 1979, Regan believed all life was worth fighting for.

She was arrested on 11 occasions for various acts of non-violent civil disobedience, stating, “People say we’re breaking the law… How do you think women got the right (to vote)? How do you think slavery was abolished? People stood up and broke the laws — because they’re stupid laws.”

Regan was a wife, a daughter, a best friend, and we will not let the candles go out.

Anita Krajnc, the co-founder of Animal Save Movement, has made calls for the police to release video evidence of the incident, so it can be examined, "These charges are feeble and do not amount to justice for Regan.”

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